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Hotel San Carlos

    Hotel San Carlos
 in Phoenix
    Hotel San Carlos
 in Phoenix


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357 Reviews
Latest TripAdvisor Reviews

  • 2 night stay

    by copperstatesatellite on 2018-06-18 02:01 pm

    The lobby is beautiful and has a old school charm, the elevator and hallways are definitely small but very quaint. This hotel has a history of being haunted, the room was very cute and decorated in the same fashion as it would have been 70 years prior, I was surprised at house small the bathroom was but it contained vintage sinks and shower, I would highly recommend visiting

  • If you are interested in time-travel back to the 1940's, this may appeal to you

    by MsTravels100 on 2018-05-07 09:15 pm

    First, I want to say that the guys at the front desk of the hotel were wonderful and did everything they could to make the stay a good one, BUT they can't change the quality standard of the hotel. It is NOT their fault that the hotel is VERY dated, including old bathrooms with rust stains and separate hot and cold faucets in the sink, so the only way to get warm water is to fill the basin, just like our great grandparents used to do. Again, if you feel a trip back to the past is quaint, this place may be for you. The reviews of getting scalded in the shower when anyone else in the hotel flushes a toilet are true. I read reviews on that, so avoided it, but another guest told me he got scalded during his stay. Now, I stayed in a regular room. They also have suites that celebrities from the 1940's stayed in. The reviews on those are better. My room looked like something your great grandmother might have as her bedroom if she never updated her home. I'm a business traveler, so the "charm" was lost on me.... and I'm not alone:
    the cab driver asked me if I wanted him to wait while I checked into my room. I asked why and he told me most of the people he takes to this hotel, get back in the cab and ask to go somewhere else after they see their rooms. True story! Owners - please take note and invest in renovating the hotel. You can still keep the history, just make it a nicer place to visit.

  • Dated, not historic

    by bigolepig on 2018-04-19 12:49 am

    From the moment we arrived, I had my doubts about this place. No one manning the valet stand to park car, this was not one time occurrence, but everytime we returned to hotel.

    Another clue we were not going to be pleased was the front desk clerks parting words "if you check out early there's a 50.00 fee"

    The lobby is old, tired and out dated. I acknowledge that they are clinging to a historic hotel designation, but it could use some freshening up. The hotel hallways to rooms make you feel like you're on board the titanic. Yes, again I get this is historic hotel. We chose this place because we have stayed in these types of hotels before. Then we opened the door to our room. Small. The bathroom is freakishly small. Sitting on toilet your knees can touch the wall in front of you. Showering in this place is less than pleasant. The water temperature fluctuates from appropriate to molten lava every few seconds. Stay alert, you can hear when the geyser is going to strike again.

    Then we have the noise issue. Notice the photo of the door. There is a vented transom above the door. This allows every word, sniffle, door closure into your room. What was most annoying was the housekeeping staff, every morning about 9am they started their rounds and would talk loudly to each other in Spanish in the halls. I was more than irritated today leaving when I saw the loudest one was the Housekeeping Manager according to her name tag. I invite the General Manager ( who didn't even acknowledge me) to go up one morning and sit in a guest room on the 6th floor and imagine trying to sleep with all the unnecessary noise these employees are producing.

    I had read other reviews after we arrived and knew it would be pointless to complain, as they are full aware of the dissatisfaction of this hotel and only penalize you further if you want to leave.

    Stay elsewhere...

  • Would return

    by Jaime W on 2018-04-15 04:23 pm

    Loved learning about the history of the hotel.Staff was friendly enough.They have multiple suites that famous people had stayed in or frequented such as Marilyn Monroe,Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy.Stayed in a basic room with two double beds.My bed was very firm,too firm for me but slept okay.Wish I would have had more time to spend their and enjoy the pool and deck.

  • An interesting stay if a bit too pricey!

    by JohnTTT on 2018-04-06 03:20 pm

    Waiting too long to find a room for the spring Materials Research Society led me to the Hotel San Carlos with available rooms in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. This place has a number of positive qualities!

    I arrived at 10:30 am or so, maybe a little closer to 11 am, but was told I could check in early, particularly if I would accept a room with a single queen size bed rather than a room with two doubles. Of course I said great, and I broke off to take lunch in the first floor restaurant. Staff are great.

    The Hotel San Carlos qualifies as a boutique hotel. The common areas are well decorated with photos and art tying one to yesteryear. The paper-thin walls can be distracting, so be careful how loudly you speak in your room if you do not want others to hear.

    I took this room because it was only $199/night compared to the modern hotels downtown that were sold out or were charging $360/night.

    The TV was good and stored in a corner TV/chest of drawers object. Because the room was so small, I could not open the vertical drawer cabinet covers sufficiently to enable one to actually pull out the drawers. However, when I pushed the bed over 6 inches, I could open the left side 90 degrees and pull out the drawers. However, the head board could not be moved, in part because an extension power strip on the other side at rug level was "wired" (fastened) to the baseboard. I was a little concerned that this electrical anomaly might not be entirely safe, though this strip came with its own built in circuit breaker.

    The bed was comfortable and I had a great view of the parking structure and apartment building next door. The closet was essentially spacious. The bath was interesting if not spacious or equipped "comfortably." The toilet was robust, and the plastic seat cover did not clang loudly if allowed to drop. The positive action water flush mechanism instilled confidence, and I never feared getting backed up.

    The bathroom sink was novel; it was obviously run through a size-reducing ray of some type that retained enough volume to catch spittle from tooth brushing and to allow one to wash one's hands, while accommodating the full girth of one such as myself. The sink faucet and water valves were particularly well appointed, especially the hot water valve control on the left. That is where one's daily dose of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and sanitary hand wipes (packaged in disposable rip-open envelopes) were stored in an appropriately shaped bowl that both fit upon the left rear corner of said sink, WHILE allowing the left control valve for hot water to be fully turned over the rightmost edge of said bowl. It took careful selection to find ways to make all of this fit together!

    The shower was not quite the rainfall experience one finds even in many Chinese hotels now-a-ays, but after some extensive wrenching, I succeeded in being able to remove the shower spray nozzle to insure hygienic rinsing of all body parts requiring said rinsing. The excessive inner shower curtain was more than sufficient to allow one to avoid wetting the small amount of bath floor space not devoted to the shower itself. A development opportunity management should consider would be to add another in-shower platform for storing soaps and other accoutrements, since the very narrow single in-tile shelf afforded easily held the 4-cm diameter soap bars but were equivocal in supporting both a shampoo and rinse cartridge.

    The towels were large and effective. My maid forgot to provide a bath mat only once, and the extra bath towel more than sufficed to serve the same purpose.

    I have not forgotten about the "medicine" cabinet and space that normally is spread around and above the sink. There was no surface around the small sink - NONE, nada. The sink was put through a reducing ray for a reason (check out "honey, I shrunk the kids!" if you are not following). However, immediately above this micro-sink was a fold- down cabinet wider than the sink, about five inches high, in which was jammed a hair dryer AND an extra roll of toilet tissue. A mirrored cover to this conveniently located storage space folded out and down, and one could balance various items on the inside surface of this cover if needed. For example, I stored my hair brushes and vanity mirror in this space, and my brushes did not slide off when placed on the upper surface of this cover when open.

    Lastly, but not least, above this fold down and wide storage space was a more conventionally appointed "medicine cabinet" structure with at least two storage levels. I put my electric toothbrush in the right half lower level and my mouthwash (Listerine) and floss on the left.

    There was a desk (table) with large chair between my bed and bath. There was a corner table and another identical chair, and nightstand, on the other side of my bed, and a large window providing a great view of the parking structure and high-rise apartment building.

    I took breakfast each morning in a restaurant on the ground floor. Mainly, I loved the jalapeno-containing omelettes that stayed with me all morning every morning.

    I would return to this hotel, especially if the rate were less than $110/night. Next time I will sample the $300+ per night rooms, to see if I am perhaps focusing too much on saving pennies!

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