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Plaza Hotel 1882

    Plaza Hotel 1882
 in Las Vegas
    Plaza Hotel 1882
 in Las Vegas


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  • We need to go back

    by crommex on 2017-10-19 05:44 am

    We stopped over at the Plaza on our drive through the area in October 2017. We were traveling with a dog so we didn't have flexibility to take advantage of all that was there. It is a charming and interesting historic hotel that is in good condition. The rooms are small but clean and quaint. We would like to go back some time in the future when we have more time to explore/enjoy what they offer - restaurant looked like a nice option. The plaza out front was very busy and it was nice to have grass for walking the dog (not common in our experience at motels/hotels in New Mexico).

  • A place for History Bluffs

    by ninaw49 on 2017-10-18 02:14 pm

    I stayed overnight at the Historic Plaza Hotel this past September. This place was built around 1882 and the area around Las Vegas is full of history. Parking for the hotel is on the street. The hotel was beautiful inside and roomy. However, due to heavy rains for past couple of days, there were ceiling leaks in some areas of the hotel and buckets had to be used to catch the water. Several movies have been made in the area, and celebrities had stayed at this hotel with pictures of the celebrity by the door to the room in which they stayed. The bed was comfortable and the room was clean and nice. The hotel had it's own restaurant, and the food was good; however, I only ate there for the dinner meal. Not a lot of items, and it is a bit expensive. A lot of old photographs line walls, and the hallways are large with beautiful carpeted staircases. I would definitely stay here again as I love western history and it was worth the money.

  • Wonderfu

    by Geraldine S on 2017-10-18 11:32 am

    We stayed one night on our way between AZ and CO. I avoid cookie cutter hotels if possible. The Plaza is a gem. Historic and comfortable. Our room overlooked the green and gazebo. Nicely furnished and immaculate. Great service at the front desk. We really enjoyed the restaurant for dinner and breakfast. Will stay here again.

  • 2nd Time, Better & Better

    by Robert A on 2017-10-16 04:30 pm

    We stayed at the wonderful historic Plaza Hotel in West Las Vegas, New Mexico for our second time and found it even better than before. It is a wonderful property under excellent, friendly staff. Our third floor room (#302) overlooking the historic town plaza was excellent in every way, no noise issues on our mid-week stay. The elevator was efficient and appreciated also! Sean, the evening property manager, was most attentive, and Sandi, the desk agent, likewise. Coffee and flavored creamers were available in the gift shop area adjacent to the main desk in the morning. Luggage carts were readily available and a ramp made front street-side unloading and loading easy. We will definitely return to this wonderful hotel for a third, and more, time. Recommended. (Hint, be sure to visit the Best Western Store in the World, Popular Dry Goods, on the main street just east of the plaza....tell Dennis and Brenda that Bob & Carole of Mammoth Crest Ranch on Histortic Rt. 66 (US84) sent you!)

  • Good, bad, and ugly

    by NancyLaird on 2017-10-15 10:16 am

    This will be a combined review; part one is for the hotel itself, part two is for the Gilded Age Dining Room in the hotel.

    First, I cannot recommend the hotel enough for the ambience and the historical feel of the building itself and the rooms. My companion and I were lucky enough to grab a room and, although the view was atrocious (a brick wall), the room itself was charming, with lovely pictures on the walls and a bathroom to die for. (I think we lucked into a room for physically challenged visitors; the bathroom had a walk-in shower with a fold-up seat.) The bathroom was spacious and was truly comfortable. The king-sized bed on an iron bedstead was a little too soft for MY comfort, but I was able to sleep. There is no telephone in the room, so the desk asks for a cell phone number in the event of an emergency. WARNING: Parking is complicated but doable; most parking is around the central plaza, but there is a small lot behind the hotel with a couple of handicap spaces available. Security is good - the police station is just around the corner and the staff keeps an eye on the plaza during the night. We enjoyed the HOTEL, and Alan, the desk clerk, was an absolute jewel, showing us the room before we agreed to it, making sure we were comfortable, storing ice packs for us (for keeping insulin cold), and other little things that make a place hospitable.

    However, the Gilded Age is quite another story:

    On the recommendation of the desk clerk, Alan, we made a reservation for dinner. What a mistake!!! When we entered the room, the young lady said that she had a table on the banquette, and we asked about an empty table by the window. She said she needed five minutes to clean it; apparently it had been occupied by a party that had left without eating. When she called us in, the gestured to the table and handed us the menus and didn't escort us there.

    The young lady came to get our drink orders; they were out of my choice of wine, and did not offer a substitute, so I passed, but she was totally unable to answer my companion's questions about the wine she wanted. We did find out that this "exclusive" - and quite pricey - restaurant serves their "wine-by-the-glass" from a tap, not from the bottles. I didn't know that wine was EVER delivered through a tap, other than boxed wine. That was the start of a very dreary dinner hour.

    I ordered the salmon, and when it came, the salmon itself was very good; however, the accompaniments were pretty bad. A quinoa and "something" mixture was like trying to eat coarsely-ground sand, and the broccolini was not cooked properly and was tough and not pared correctly. Why broccolini? Broccoli would have been fine, as would have a potato-based side. I keep wondering why all of the "new-age" stuff is being foisted on the public---quinoa and broccolini have no place on a dinner entree plate that costs $25.00!!!!

    My companion's dinner wasn't much better. The squash-corn medley was full of unseeded -
    and hot - green chile and cilantro, neither of which she particularly likest, and she managed to separate out a pile of the chile and cilantro almost as large as the pile of squash and corn. She also ordered the "special" rib-eye steak rare-to-medium-rare. When the steak came, it had apparently been pounded down to about 3/4" thick and was overcooked and tough. To their credit, the fingerling potatoes were good.

    I have plenty of questions about the sides that are served with entrees here. Why are "new age" items being served with such traditional entrees? It would also be nice to have smaller portions available for those without large appetites; a 12-ounce rib-eye is much too big for a senior appetite. I was also greatly surprised that no salad was offered and there was no bread either.

    The dinners were served by another employee, not the server that was supposedly assigned to our table. We saw her two or three other times when she asked if everything was okay. She did ask my companion specifically how was the wine, and the look on her face when she got the answer "mediocre" was classic. We finally saw her again when she brought the check and removed the last of our dishes. She never offered dessert, and when I placed $80.00 in cash on the check to pay a $63.00 bill, she had the nerve to ask if I wanted change!!!

    As a matter of information, the proper way to handle a cash payment on a dinner check such as this is to take the cash to the register, return the change to the customer, and IF the customer tells the server to keep it, thank the customer nicely. Any other behavior in a transaction such as this could be considered extortion!!!

    All in all, I was extremely dissatisfied with my experience in the Gilded Age Dining Room, and would never recommend that anyone go there again, until the wait staff has been schooled on the proper etiquette in such an upscale restaurant.

    I hope Alan Affeldt is able to read this; he needs to pay attention.

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