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Amerikalinjen is situated in one of the most vibrant and artistic areas in Oslo, with the surrounding neighborhoods replete with countless cultural destinations to visit. Near the Opera House and the Central Station, this architectural landmark is both a place for tranquility and adventure. Guests can step just beyond the hotel’s front doors to access the city’s many shopping centers, dining establishments, and entertainment venues that line its main thoroughfare, Karl Johans gate. From the Amerikalinjen, guests can journey down to the Aker Brygge for a fjord cruise or a deep-sea fishing charter. Many additional attractions surround the building, such as the Ekebergparken and the Astrup Fearnley Museet. Spectacular historical buildings that are centuries old, like the Royal Castle and the Akershus Fortress, define the city’s landscape near the hotel. Nearby transportation centers also make outlying destinations very accessible, with the Vikingskipshuset, the Well, and the Norwegian Outlet Oslo all being within driving distance from Amerikalinjen.

Oslo Opera House
Constructed in 1999, the Oslo Opera House is home to the Norwegian National Opera. Since its grand opening, millions of people have arrived at the complex every year to observe one of its magical performances.

Royal Palace
Atop the Karl Johans gate is the Royal Palace, the residence of the Norwegian Royal Family since the early-19th century. Guided tours of the palace happen every day during the summer, allowing for visitors to obtain a rare glimpse into the daily lives of Norway’s royalty.

Akershus Fortress
Long before the Norwegian Royal Family resided in the Royal Palace, they lived at the Akershus Fortress for centuries. Constructed during the reign of King Haakon V, the Akershus Fortress experienced numerous sieges during the Middle Ages. Today, visitors can tour the castle in the summer.

Guests can stroll through 25 acres of beautiful scenic trails at the Ekebergparken, a renowned sculpture garden and Norwegian national heritage park located southeast of Oslo. Lining the park’s many trails are 31 stunning sculptures created by celebrated international artists.

Astrup Fearnley Museet
Opened in 1993, the Astrup Fearnley Museet displays countless pieces of magnificent contemporary artwork. Originally focused on collecting American artwork, the collection now features an international ensemble of artists from Europe, Asia, and Brazil.

Guests can head to the Vikingskipshuset (Viking Ship Museum) to see some of the best, well-preserved Viking artifacts discovered from archeological sites near Oslo. On display at the museum are incredibly rare Viking textiles, tools, and longboats.

The Well
Just outside Oslo is the largest spa and bathhouse in all of Scandinavia. Known as The Well, the spa contains 11 different pools, 15 saunas, and over 100 showers. The Well also features countless waterfalls, a Hamman, and a Japanese bathhouse. Guests are encouraged to travel to the spa for an exhilarating experience.

Norwegian Outlet Oslo
Located in the nearby town of Vestby is the Norwegian Outlet Oslo, a magnificent assemblage of upscale shops that offer amazing discounts and unbeatable prices. With 50 stores to visit, the mall is sure to appeal to every avid shopper.

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