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Lom Stave Church
One of the largest, most beautiful and oldest Norwegian stave churches is located in Lom. The stave church is still in daily use, even after 850 years.

Lom Stave Church Centre
Containing an exhibition depicting the last thousand years of history, the Lom Stave Church Centre provides a living representation of mediaeval liturgy, the vicar’s tasks in the local community, and funeral customs through the ages. The construction of the stave church and the changes the building has undergone are illustrated by models, original building elements, text and photos.

Norwegian Mountain Museum
Opening in 1994, the Norweigan Mountain Museum is situated in Lom and serves as the gateway to the mountain trails and national parks. It is the only museum where the interplay between man and the mountain is the main focus using exciting and contemporary exhibitions, where images, sound, lighting and objects reflect on the connection between the man and nature throughout the centuries.

"Water and Grain" in the Granary / Storhouse in Lom
“Storstabburet”, built in 1613, is a three story granary on pillars. The exhibition inside, "Water and Grain", shows the unique arrangements and use of the water resources connected to a traditional farming district. The exhibition is open in the summer from the beginning of July to the middle of August.

Lom District Museum
Lom Rural Museum is located at Presthaugen, a lovely and peaceful nature site behind the Norwegian Mountain Museum and within walking distance of Lom Stave Church. The Rural Museum consists of 23 buildings, giving a living example of the architecture and building methods on a large farm, with insight into the life of a seter (mountain dairy) farmer.

Fossheim Steinsenter
Featuring Norway's largest collection of minerals and semi-precious stones, the Fossheim Stone Centre is a museum of geology with a jewellery gallery, shops, and workshop. In Holo, stone art of all types are sold: framed sheets of stone, decorative stone, and light fountains. A large collection of fossils are also on display including stone-age implements and copies of Viking weapons and tools.

Klimapark 2469
Guided tours with a focus on archaeology, glaciology, botany, meteorology, or unique ice tunnels are available at Klimapark 2469! Tour last about 3 hours and situated at the height of 1850 m.a.s.l. on Juv plateau at the foot of Galdhøpiggen.

The highest peak in Norway, Galdhøpiggen stands at 2.469 m.a.s.l. and also one of the most visited mountains in the country. Using marked routes, the trail takes about four hours to reach the summit.

Jotunheimen National Park
Established in 1980, covering an area of 1145 km², Jotunheimen National Park is connected to the Utladalen landscape protection area. With several peaks and majestic waterfalls, Jotunheimen is a wonderland full of great natural wonders.

Statue of the poet Olav Aukrust
Olav Aukrust (1883-1939) is one of Norway`s most famous poets, using the majestic nature of his home region as inspriation for his poetry. 
The monument in front of the Lom stave church was made by the sculptor and painter Dyre Vaa in 1955.
 The home of Olav Aukrust, Lyvjaberg, may be visited upon request to the owners of Nordgard Aukrust.

The birthplace of Knut Hamsun
Hamsunstugu (the Hamsun House) at Garmostrædet was originally built in the 1850s. For a time, the house was used as a smithy in Hesthagen. At the end of the 1950s, the house was re-erected and restored. Knut Hamsun claimed to have been born at the residence on 4 August 1859.

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