Grandhotel Giessbach

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With a glimpse into sprawling snapshots of Switzerland’s most picturesque countryside, a visit to the Grandhotel Giessbach offers travelers unparalleled scenic views time after time. Its visitors can delight in the matchless sights of Lake Brienz, the magnificent Giessbach waterfalls, or the Bernese Oberland, just steps away. This quaint hideaway is able to be reached while traveling by a charming boat, bus, or car, and is located in close proximity to many of Switzerland’s prime destinations, Interlaken and Zurich, with two international airports located a short distance away for guests to continue on their journeys.

Nearest Airport

Bern Airport: 45 miles/73 kilometers, 1 hour.

Hotel Address

3855 Brienz Be., Brienz

Switzerland CH-3855

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    Alpines Museum der Schweiz

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    Bundeshaus (The Parliament Building)

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  • Giessbachfälle


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  • Konzert Theater Bern

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  • Kunstmuseum Thun

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  • Zentrum Paul Klee

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  • Zytglogge


    Experience this remarkable 15th-century clock tower.

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