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Discover the Hotel Augustin, which was once known as the Altona Cellar during the 17th century.

Hotel Augustin was constructed in the years leading up to World War I, which was an era defined by its economic prosperity, artistic expression, and political intrigue.

Named after St. Augustine, the Hotel Augustin originally debuted as a local tavern known as the “Altona Cellar” during the 17th century. The purpose of this magnificent Art Nouveau building has changed frequently over the centuries however, ranging from Bergen’s Cultural Center to a theater called Det Dramastiske Selskab. For a time, the building even operated as the first location for the Det Harmoniske Selskab, which today operates as the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. The building was eventually purchased by the Smørås family during the 1990s, who subsequently transformed it into a wonderful boutique hotel. Today, the original five-room cellar space remains a popular tavern, while surrounding buildings were converted to house guestrooms and other hotel facilities.

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