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Discover Hotel San Francisco Plaza, which was formed from three residential estates that appeared in the city during the era of Porfirio Díaz.

Hotel San Francisco Plaza was constructed in the years leading up to World War I, which was an era defined by its economic prosperity, artistic expression, and political intrigue.

The Hotel San Francisco Plaza resides on a triangular space that was once known as the Plazuela de San Francisco. This historic public square actually dates back to the 16th century, when many colonial estates and military barracks once resided throughout the area. The hotel itself resides on a the site of a traveler’s inn called the “Meson de las Ánimas,” which was founded during the 18th century. Yet, the inn disappeared sometime following the Mexican War of Independence, as a carriage shop operated by Genaro A. García emerged at some point during the 1860s. García subsequently constructed a variety of animal traction carriages, saloon cars, and other vehicles available to the city’s wealthy families.

Don Francisco Martínez Negrete Cortina eventually purchased the grounds of García’s carriage workshop several decades later in 1905, as well as two other historic structures that dated back to the 1700s. A leading figure in Guadalajara’s nascent international banking industry, Cortina renovated these outstanding buildings into a luxurious boutique hotel that he operated with his wife Ana Palomar y Corcuera. The couple saved the buildings at a time when many members of the city’s social elite were renovating historic structures at the Plazuela de San Francisco. Today the public square is called the Gonzalo Curiel Plazuela in honor of prominent composer Gonzalo Curiel. Yet, the Hotel San Francisco Plaza retains much of its original history, which guests can still feel today in its brilliant décor and wonderful architecture.

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