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Inn at Perry Cabin

    Inn at Perry Cabin
 in St. Michaels
    Inn at Perry Cabin
 in St. Michaels


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  • So disappointing

    by DayTrip216761 on 2019-05-13 12:46 am

    Too many things were more than disappointing. We were told there was. 4pm checkin. At 4:30, after a 4 hour drive we were advised it was not ready. When we finally got to the room, carpeting in the elevator and hallway were filthy with what looked like popcorn. This remained filthy for a full day. Our room was never made up. There was no one at valet to take our car. The supervisor gave us a $50 resort fee which actually felt like a slap in the face.
    Not sure what's going on but this stay was a huge disappointment!

    Owner Response
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. I am extremely sorry to learn that you had a disappointing stay with us especially as our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our guests. If possible, I would greatly appreciate if we could speak directly so that I can extend not only an apology to you but also obtain further details about your stay so that we can address these issues with the management staff and avoid any possible repetition. Please feel free to contact me at the following number: 667-226-2019 at your convenience. I look forward to speaking with you and thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback with us here. It is greatly appreciated.

    MichaelH15591, General Manager at Inn at Perry Cabin, responded to this review

  • Constant dining chaos

    by hotelguest5162 on 2019-05-12 05:36 am

    5 star facility chose to advise hotel guests to breakfast earlier than usual due to Mothers Day Brunch. They then closed most of dining room (the section with the waterfront view) so I am currently in a crowd of guests hoping and waiting for breakfast. Thus despite an excellent physical setup the complete inability to serve breakfast to guests is poor and guess what none of us waiting for breakfast will return to this mismanaged hotel

    Owner Response
    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your experience today at STARS. I would personally like to apologize for the inconvenience you experienced this morning at breakfast as our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our guests with a high level of service. In reflection, we made a poor judgement call as it relates to closing down a portion of the dining room prior to the start of the Mother's Day Brunch. This closure is not a reflection of the normal service standards that we strive for and for that reason I hope that you will accept my apology. I am glad to hear though that once seated that you did enjoy your meal.

    We thank you for sharing your experience with us and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Inn again.

    MichaelH15591, General Manager at Inn at Perry Cabin, responded to this review

  • Romantic getaway

    by 2tammyc on 2019-05-11 06:26 pm

    This is our 8th stay over 8 years. We love the Inn at Perrys Cabin. Once again the stay was wonderful. As we pulled up all the flowers were in bloom. Check in was a breeze and our room was lovely in the Caledonia bldg. room 71 with a beautiful water view. We had a patio with table and chairs and 2 lounge chairs. Chance Miller, the waiter, was once again a super star. He remembered us from previous visits and signed us up for 2 activities that he was in charge of the Cava Cocktails and Wine Judgement. They were both fun. Chance is very knowledgeable about food and wine and we had a great time.
    Captain Sean took us on a private boat cruise on the French Canal Boat. We had the Inn pack us a wonderful lunch with wine. And Captain Sean was awesome. He gave an incredible boat tour, telling us all the history and pointing out the eagles and wildlife. Also showing us the beautiful historic homes. Our stay at the Inn was once again a perfect holiday.

    Owner Response
    Thank you so much 2tammyc for your lovely review and sharing the highlights of your stay with us here. I will be sure to share with both Chance and Captain Sean that you enjoyed the activities as well as the cruise on our French Canal Boat. We are so pleased that you had a wonderful 8th stay with us and we look forward to welcoming you back to your home away from home on the Eastern Shore.

    MichaelH15591, General Manager at Inn at Perry Cabin, responded to this review

  • Stunning Property, Beautiful Room, Below Average Service & Dining

    by AmyG42195 on 2019-05-07 12:44 am

    We take one luxury vacation per year. We typically seek out a high end hotel or resort and hope to be pampered in every way. For that, we are willing to pay a premium. Properties we have visited in the past include Primland in Virginia, Wequassett in Bar Harbor, Allison Inn and Spa in Oregon, The Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island, and The Chanler House in Newport.

    We just returned from 5 nights at the Inn at Perry Cabin. Here is my review.

    THE ROOM: Luxury Water View Suite

    This is their premium room. It is very beautiful. The entryway features a coffee bar with Nespresso machine, various coffees, and a mini fridge. To the left of that is quite a large half bath.

    From there you step into a living room with large couch, chair, TV, etc. There is a door to the balcony here.

    Double doors separate the living area from the bedroom. The king size bed was comfortable, with only one fussy decorative pillow that we immediately removed. The bed pillows themselves were reasonably comfortable. I did ask for (and received) a slightly smaller, fluffier pillow on our second day.

    The bed linens were wonderful, silky and smooth.

    There is a door leading to the balcony here as well.The balcony itself was large with a sun bed and a table with two chairs. We had a nice view of the bay. The balcony decking and furniture was surprisingly clean and free of bugs and cobwebs. We've had other luxury rooms where housekeeping seems to stop at the patio doors, so this was nice.

    I was disappointed that the carpet in this $1000+ /night room was stained and frayed at the edges.

    The master bath is large and well lit. The lighting around the double vanity is flattering. There is a makeup mirror but it is either not lighted or it was broken.

    The bathroom features a large wardrobe area with places to hang clothing and also a spacious bench with drawers.

    The countertop is reasonably spacious and there is a small shelf below each mirror, but I found it handy to store some toiletries in the clothes drawers.

    There is a large soaking tub, which we never used because we aren't "bath" people and also because we think hotel tubs are gross.

    There is a small, tiled shower with a standard shower head that produced average shower pressure. The floor drained poorly. It was an adequate shower experience but certainly not luxurious..

    There were several cracked tiles on the floor, and the grout on the floor and in the shower was stained and mildewed in places.

    There is a separate toilet room with door. There is no waste receptacle in the toilet room itself, which always annoys me but seems to be common.

    Overall, we were happy and comfortable in our room though we wished for a better shower and perhaps a thorough rug and upholstery cleaning.

    This is where the Inn falls short, really short. Here are some examples:

    This is not a large property and it was by no means full during our stay. Even so, at no time we were ever greeted by name. We stopped by the front desk numerous times to ask questions, make reservations, get bottled water, etc. No one EVER knew our name.
    On the fourth day of our visit, I stopped by the desk once again and as always, introduced myself. I was floored when the staff member replied "Are you checking in?" I had talked to this SAME person several times during our stay.

    Another example: After the fourth time seating us in the restaurant, the hostess apologized and said "I should know your name by now but..." Yes, I'm sorry but you should. The hostess at Primland knew our name after the first night. But I don't think this is part of their training at Perry Cabin.

    When you call guest services on the room phone, you are not greeted by name. Since I don't know if they have "caller ID", I have to awkwardly introduce myself. This seems to annoy the operator a bit. A suggestion: Train your staff to answer the phone with "Hello Ms. Germain, how may I assist?"

    We stayed in early May. We were reminded several times during our stay that there "was no outside service at this time." This means that there is no food or drink service on the beautiful patio, no umbrellas on the patio tables during blazing 80 degree days, no one wiping down furniture after a rain shower, no one picking up empty wine bottles and plastic cups for HOURS.

    Here's a story: It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon. We wanted to sit outside, drink some ice tea, and enjoy the stunning beauty of the property. Since "there is no outside service", and the pub doesn't open until later in the afternoon, we stopped by the Stars hostess desk and asked if we could get some ice tea to take outside. The hostess seemed somewhat confused but then said she could do that. She disappeared for quite some time but finally returned with our ice tea and a bill. We paid $8 plus tip for it. I somewhat humorously asked if that included refills. After an awkward moment, the hostess assured me it did. We walked outside with our tea, realized there was no shady seating, and decided to move a couple of adirondack chairs under a tree. We put down our tea, and dragged a chair over. I thought surely someone would come over to help. No. We dragged another chair over ourselves. I HOPED the hostess would send someone out to check on us and offer a refill of the tea. No. I walked back myself to get more. But hey, someone saw me coming and OPENED THE DOOR. I was actually thrilled by that, not even kidding.

    Another time, we stopped by the Purser's Pub to get a couple of G&Ts and some snacks. We told the waiter that we intended to take everything out to the front patio to enjoy the beautiful weather. The waiter looked over at a man who was working at a nearby pub table. He was in a suit and was possibly the food and beverage director? Anyway, the waiter consulted with him quietly and then came over and said, apologetically, "we don't have outside service at this time." We were somewhat incredulous and said, "You mean we can't even take it outside ourselves??" She looked over at the guy again (who never spoke to us or even looked up, just left his staff to be the bad guy) and then quietly said that she would give us our food in "to go" containers. That was fine with us. We schlepped the food and drinks outside ourselves, we cleaned up after ourselves, we brought the containers back in ourselves, and, after no inside staff offered to assist, we asked where we could dispose of the trash.

    Heck, they should have been paying ME the resort fee. LOL.

    Oh yes, the resort fee. We've paid many of them. They seem to be a necessary evil these days. The interesting thing is that the The Inn at Perry Cabin charges a percentage of your room rate for the resort fee. I guess if you are in an expensive room, you are using more than your fair share of the resort "services", such as they are.

    Side note: the pool is closed and doesn't open until after Memorial Day, don't let the web site fool you.

    Another small service story: We ate breakfast every day in Stars. On the first morning I asked for stevia sweetener for my coffee (does anyone really drink chemical sweeteners any more?). The waiter was confused, consulted with her manager, and then apologetically informed me that they didn't have any. Now, I wasn't upset, but I would like to note that this same situation happened at a previous resort we visited. The next day, the staff at this other resort brought me stevia sweetener they had SPECIALLY purchased because of my request!! That's the kind of service that Perry Cabin should aspire to.

    Do I sound picky? I am. But only at luxury properties where I've paid a premium and expect to receive a premium product.

    This sort of thing happened over and over during our 5 night stay, to the extant that it became something of a joke between us.

    Let's move on to happier subjects.

    We were happy with housekeeping. They seemed well staffed, always cleaned our room in a timely manner, fulfilled special requests, were always cheerful, GREETED us in the hallway, and consistently did a good, professional job.

    These guys were great, friendly and helpful. We used their services many times for lifts into St. Michael's and back. We never waited more than a couple minutes.

    Overall, we were underwhelmed by the food service and quality. Stars is a fine dining restaurant. The staff was young and untrained, but quite friendly. We often sat at our table wishing for a coffee refill or pushing used plates to the side, trying to make room. Staff needs to be more attentive to what's going on at the tables. When I left the table, I would place my napkin on my chair. Staff should come by and refold napkin and place back on table. This happened only once during my entire 5 day stay.

    Breakfast was generally tasty, but many food items were served room temp that should have been hot: bacon and breakfast potatoes come to mind.

    We ate lunch at Stars two times. The burger was good and cooked to order. The crab BALT sandwich did not taste fresh. The crab cakes and crab chowder were excellent. The "Walk around the garden" salad was difficult to eat (long spirals of vegetables packed tightly in a bowl) and the Green Goddess dressing was watery and virtually tasteless.

    We had dinner there the first night. Afterward we cancelled our reservation there for a subsequent night. My soft shell crab just tasted "fried" and the accompanying arugula was so over salted as to be literally inedible. My husband's lamb sausage was uninspiring. The dinner menu is very limited and nothing else looked appetizing.

    Alcohol: We like to drink on vacation and tried various cocktails, wines, and scotch while there. We expected prices to be high and they were. That's fine, but the product we received was sub bar. Overall, cocktails were VERY light on the alcohol. I ordered a gimlet. It was made with Rose's lime juice and tasted like a margarita. I might expect this at Applebee's, but an establishment of this caliber should be using fresh squeezed juices. I had a Cosmo that was not well made, seemed to be missing the lime and triple sec or something? It tasted very odd and sour. We also had a couple Old Fashioneds that were just OK, somewhat strange tasting. Found out later it was listed as a "grapefruit" Old Fashioned? We definitely didn't order that. Also, they used a regular Dairy Queen type cherry. Should be a Luxardo or amarena cherry. Details are important and EXPECTED.

    The wines and sparkling wines we tried were nice. They have a large selection of scotch. They make a nice refreshing cocktail called a Ma Cherie that calls for Hendrick's. The G & Ts were good.

    We spent a wonderful couple hours sailing on one of the Inn's beautiful sail boats. Captain Jason helped us arrange the private sail, and he was very helpful and flexible about accommodating our schedule. Captain Gary took us out on the sail and he was friendly, informative, and funny. We loved every minute. A two hour private sail for 4 people was $500 and worth every penny.

    We did a whisky tasting one afternoon and a wine tasting another afternoon, both included as part of our resort fee. Both were enjoyable and informative. Chance's recounting of the Judgment of Paris as we tasted wine was very entertaining. We also did the Kentucky Derby Social. That was less enjoyable but we did get to meet and visit with another couple, which was fun.

    NOTE: There is a daily activities calendar available in both printed form and on the in room TV. You need to sign up if you want to participate. Times of activities sometimes change but don't count on anyone telling you. Also, there is fineprint on the activities calendar that states if you sign up for an activity and don't show, you WILL BE CHARGED A FEE. Not kidding.

    This is a very special property with the potential to be great. As it is, we will not return.

    Owner Response
    AmyG42195: I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to share in detail your experiences during your stay. This feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps the management team address the issues that exist as well as improve the experiences for all future guests and also gain a perspective as to the employees who need to be recognized for their commitment to service. I will be sure to share with housekeeping, valet services, the waterfront and the activities team your positive feedback that you shared.

    As our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our guests, I am deeply disappointed though to hear that you had issues with your room, the food as well as the overall service during your stay. If possible, I would appreciate if you could call me at your convenience so that we can better address these shortcomings that you identified and also to personally apologize to you. You may reach me at the following number: 667-226-2019.
    Thank you again for your feedback and I look forward to personally speaking with you.

    MichaelH15591, General Manager at Inn at Perry Cabin, responded to this review

  • Great views, very nice room

    by csmith123 on 2019-05-06 12:56 am

    We had a deluxe room with a fireplace. It was nice because we had a very rainy day, so it was great to relax with a good book by the fire. The room was very clean and my adult daughter really enjoyed the soaker tub. We had great weather the rest of the long weekend, we enjoyed the lovely grounds and view. We borrowed bikes from the inn and toured St. Michaels. Very nice, but pricey.

    Owner Response
    Thank you csmith123 for taking the time to share your experience here. I am so pleased to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed your visit as well as the room that you stayed in. Also, I am glad to hear that the weather during your stay improved and that you were able to explore St. Michaels by bike. Thank you again for sharing your review and we look forward to welcoming you again to the Inn.

    MichaelH15591, General Manager at Inn at Perry Cabin, responded to this review

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