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Phantom Ranch

    Phantom Ranch
 in Grand Canyon


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  • Dream trip

    by Journey602540 on 2019-05-17 08:32 pm

    A dream come true.we always wanted to stay at Phantom Ranch and we were lucky enough to get a cancellation.Got a stay in the dorm, it was so clean, had a shower and bathroom. Went to the ranger talk and hung out in the canteen.

  • Rustic lodging and cantina at the bottom of the Grand Canyon

    by Beach_Bunny2 on 2019-05-14 12:40 am

    Destination for hikers, rafters and mule riders. Rustic cabins and a cantina where you sit at communal tables and interact with your fellow humans without the aid of technology. Simply perfect! If you're lucky enough to get here, enjoy every moment!

  • Great experience!

    by Adchsmack on 2019-04-23 09:09 pm

    We finally won the lottery once they went to online lottery submissions! Got a 4-person cabin for the 2 of us. Arrived at the ranch around 1:00pm. We were elated when they said we had AC in the cabin (it was 90 that day- in April!). Then let us know we had to dump water in the toilets from buckets. No big deal, but surprised not fixed yet (based on other reviews). Bunks were comfy (or we were just tired and full after the steak dinner!). The guy checking us in gave us a free glass on lemonade each. Much appreciated! Enjoyed the family style dinner and breakfast. Went to the early ranger talk (4:00pm) and that was fun. Slept well, cabin was just about perfect. Couldn't be happier!!

  • Beautiful location, simple pleasures

    by Jennifer R on 2019-04-18 02:55 pm

    Our party of 5 stayed in the Phantom Ranch dormitories April 15th. We hiked down South Kaibab and then up Bright Angel the following day. The dorm is simple -5 bunk beds, one sink, one shower with basic toiletries, and a toilet that is flushed with bucket of water. This worked fine. there was also an outdoor "outhouse" area that was much cleaner than I would have imagined. I think it had 3 or 4 "toilets". The canteen sells some basic supplies and snacks and serves meals (reserve these immediately when you book your room. I didn't have dinner nor breakfast). I just got lemonade when I arrived at the ranch, and then picked up my sack lunch. Save your glass and get $1 refills on lemonade. It tasted great. The sack lunch was plenty of food to get me fed that evening and the next day (in addition to the other snacks I had brought). I don't think I could have eaten big heavy meals. I did, however, hear that the meals were nice and eaten family style, which I think is fun and gives more opportunities to visit with others and meet new people. I found the accommodations, staff, and my sack lunch to meet all my expectations. The bed and room was perfectly comfortable to allow me to get a good night's rest and be ready to hike up the next day. There is a sturdy hook by every bunk so each camper can hang their pack and poles, etc.... No locker storage, unless something is available elsewhere. This worked just fine for me. I was on the top bunk and my pack was inches from my head. Everyone was tired and in bed by 8:30 and asleep by 9. 3 different groups of "strangers" . Despite the close quarters, not much interacting in the room. We exchanged stories and did some basic introductions. More socializing at the canteen area. But when in the room, the order of business for us all was to get rested up. That was nice. The sack lunch contained an apple, craisins, chocolate covered almonds, vitalyte flavored powder, power bar, bagel, cream cheese, jelly, baby cheese, and sausage (to my recollection). We enjoyed visiting into the evening on the picnic tables. Bring a headlamp! Be prepared to haul your garbage out with you to ease the load on the mules. There are garbage and composting receptacles, but every bit that each camper can do to minimize their footprint is so important. I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the entire grand canyon and it seemed everyone was upping their game to make sure to not leave a mark on this stunning treasure.

  • Property shames the USA!

    by World_Hiker_Dallas on 2019-04-08 03:45 pm

    I had the very unfortunate experience of staying at the Phantom Ranch in the base of the Grand Canyon. I stayed in a men's dorm of 10 beds, though only 9 were occupied.

    While I think the whole Grand Canyon experience is wonderful, I would definitely never again stay in the dorm. Here is why:

    -- Bathrooms in the dorm room don't work -- in fact they have not worked in years. So, the only way to go to the bathroom is to walk outside your dorm room to 100 yards across the way. In the middle of the night, this is difficult as there are no lights except from your cellphone. The stars were magnificent, the experience, horrendous. The showers in the dorm do work, though.

    -- Squirrels get in the dorms! We were told to quickly put our packs on a bed we wanted, but did not realize squirrels had access to our packs (the doors are left open during the day). Half our food was eaten including nuts, seeds and grains.

    -- Power comes and goes -- during our stay, power was out until late in the evening! It's hot, so when it finally came on, I set the a/c to freezing so it will at least cool off. I heard several men complaining that it was too cold, so you can't win.

    -- Dorm living is for the birds -- the main problem is that everyone goes to bed and gets up at a different time. I tried to go to sleep at 8 p.m, but lights never went out until 10 p.m. Then someone lit a candle in the room (not sure why -- maybe for bugs?) Everyone was pissed when I got up at 5:30 a.m. showered and left!

    -- The 4:30 a.m. wake - up -- someone entered our dorm at 4:30 am. to announce breakfast was being served at 5 a.m. This is really bad. No one in our dorm bought the bagel, so thanks so much for ruining our sleep!

    -- Staff has other priorities -- while we found the staff overall to be very friendly, we saw a pair making out -- behavior that is unprofessional and uncalled for.

    -- The bunk beds -- there was a young man who slept above me, and every time he turned the whole bunk shook. We were warned about snoring, but there was little or none of that.

    We shared our experiences with the Xanterra team at Bright Angel lodge and they seemed not to care -- thus we authored this review. We think future guests should know what is going on here.

    On another note, the dorm is often listed as sold out with a waiting list. We think this is a marketing ploy as we had empty beds in our dorm, several got their beds the same day and our room was booked only one week in advance. We believe cancellations are rampant.

    If you do go, the cabins looked very comfortable, though their showers were 500 yards away. This would be the better choice. Also, there technically is wifi (several private networks for the staff come up), but they won't give you the passwords, so don't count on any internet or cell phone service!

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