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With an idyllic location in the dunes on Solastranden and over a hundred years of experience in planning romantic celebrations, Sola Strand Hotel is the perfect place for a dream wedding. An exquisite kitchen ensures an unforgettable wedding dinner with first-class ingredients, and the confectioners are skilled in creating heavenly wedding cakes. When the evening is over, the bride and groom can retreat to one of the hotel's three luxurious suites, all with gorgeous panoramic views of Solastranden. The experienced events staff will work with the happy couple to ensure all arrangements are to their liking. At Sola Strand Hotel, dreams really do come true.

Ellens Utsikt
Ellens Utsikt has a beautiful view of the beach, sky and sea with its large windows from floor to ceiling facing Solastranden. Ellens Utsikt is perfect for more intimate ceremonies with a capacity of up to 80 guests.

Guests are transported back in time in Montroyalsalen, the original smoking room of a Canadian Pacific Line cruise ship repurposed into the property’s Montroyalsalen dining room. Materials of the ship were also used to create the dining room’s fireplace, and windows and news publications from the 1840s are displayed to give guests an authentic nautical experience. With a movable stage fit for dancing and performances, Montroyalsalen is the ideal location to entertain up to 120 guests.

Similar to other Sole Strand Hotel buildings built with old vessel pieces, materials from the Kong Sverre frigate, Norway’s largest sailing warship, were used to construct the Sverresalen dining room. Today, Sverresalen is used for dining events with seating capacity of 120 guests.

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