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Discover the Mast Farm Inn with its rustic 18th century origins and elegance.

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Mast Farm Inn, a member of Historic Hotels of America since 2012, dates back to 1792.

Mast Farm Inn was constructed in the years following the American Revolutionary War, when the United States won its independence from Great Britain.

Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, the Mast Farm Inn is part of a historic homestead that Joseph Mast founded in the late 1700s. Known as the Mast Farm, this estate was among the first structures to emerge within the village of Valle Crucis. Mast had walked all the way from Pennsylvania just to settle this beautiful plot of land. In 1810, Joseph Mast's son, David, built the two-room log cabin that currently faces the Mast Farm Inn. Three generations resided within this incredibly historic structure. Now called the Loom House, the cabin is believed to be the most historic structure of its kind in North Carolina.

The actual building that would later become the Mast Farm Inn did not appear until 1880, when David’s son, Andrew, began constructing the farm’s main house. It would be Andrew’s son, D. Finley, who would finish it some 16 years later. D. Finley and his wife, Josephine, would then spend the next two decades gradually expanding the building by adding five unique, yet symmetrical, wings. These structures contained 13 distinctive bedrooms, as well as one bathroom. By 1919, the Masts now managed a farm that contained 16 different agricultural buildings. The two also operated a thriving tobacco-curing enterprise that supplemented their livestock and produce businesses.

D. Finley and Josephine’s son, Joe—nicknamed “Blind Joe”—ran the farm through the 1940s. During this time, Joe and his own wife, Edna, started entertaining borders at the main house. The popularity of its bedrooms became so great that Joe often had trouble finding a place to sleep. When Edna finally passed away in 1950, a group of family friends started running the Mast Farm on an aging Joe’s behalf. Despite their best efforts, the farm closed after Joe Mast himself passed away in 1969. The Mast Farm then sat dormant for the next 20 years, since no heir of theirs was interested in managing the homestead fulltime.

Francis and Sibyl Pressley eventually saved the estate in 1984, when they bought the rights to operate the Mast Farm. The Pressleys spent years refurbishing every facility onsite, including the woodwork shop, the blacksmith shop, and the granary. They even fully renovated the main house into a lovely country retreat that they dubbed the Mast Farm Inn. Their painstaking efforts even earned the farm the “Gertrude S. Carraway Award of Merit” from the Historic Preservation Foundation of North Carolina. The Mast Farm Inn is owned and operated today by the Deschamps family, who are dedicated to preserving the rich legacy of both the Masts and the Pressleys.

  • About the Architecture +
    David Mast built the two-room log cabin which now sits facing the main house at the Mast Farm Inn. Three generations reside in this cabin, and like most of the Valle Crucis residents, the Masts raise corn, grain, sheep, cattle, and food for the family. Now called the Loom House, this original cabin is widely believed to be the oldest inhabitable log cabin in the state of North Carolina. Over the decades, a number of enlargements are made to the original structure.
  • Famous Historic Guests +
    TV broadcaster Charles Kuralt described the hotel and environs as "a very special place."

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