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  • Taste the delicious French-inspired cuisine made from the freshest Norwegian ingredients at Restaurant Bandak. Michelin star chef Mikael Öster and a talented culinary team deliver an exceptional dining experience that celebrates the history and heritage of Dalen Hotel. Mikael has a broad experience background. He has worked in Switzerland, France, Canada, Denmark and Iceland and has received numerous awards such as the Academy of Gastronomy's Gold Medal, the West Swedish Restaurant Academy's Gold Medal and has been selected for Relais Gourmand's "50 Greatest Chefs in the World".

  • Take a break beside an open fire, in one of the hotel lounges, or on the terrace and enjoy Dalen Hotel's Afternoon Tea service. Along with the classic tea, coffee, and champagne offerings, guests are served homemade scones with creme fraiche and jam, and sandwiches filled with egg salad, salmon, and ham with mustard and cheese.

  • Partake in some Søte fristelser while sailing down the Telemark Canal onboard the M / S Henrik Ibsen. Indulge in a Telemarksvaffel or some homemade apple cake. Guests are sure to find something scrumptious to enjoy while on this unique voyage through spectacular Norwegian nature.

  • Savor a bowl of Fårikål while visiting Norway. A favorite among Norwegians, this delicacy has been heralded as Norway's national dish since the 1970s. Fårikål, or faar i kaal as the dish was called when it was entered in Norwegian cookbooks towards the end of the 19th century, is made up of mutton, cabbage, and whole black pepper layered in a large casserole.

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