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Which historic hotel was once a fort and symbolized hardship between the Mewar and Marwar regions?

If you guessed Fort Senngh Sagar (1670) in Deogarh, India. You guessed correctly!

Akin to sister property Deogarh Mahal, Fort Seengh Sagar's history reaches back to the 15th century during the bitter rivalry between the Mewar and Marwar regions. The fort was constructed at the same time as the Deogarh Mahal, in 1670, when the descendants of Chunda Ji Sisodia were able to claim the land and build private residences and fortresses to designate their territory. Fort Seengh Sagar has been converted to an exceptionally intimate and luxurious villa. Sitting in the middle of a monsoon-dependent lake amid a dramatic rocky landscape, this island fortress is an awe-inspiring sight only reachable by a dirt road, small bridge, or during the rainy season, by boat. Just five kilometers/three miles from sister property Deogarh Mahal, Fort Seengh Sagar is a relatively secluded property near the historic ruins of the deserted Manpura village and other exciting rural attractions.

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