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Discover Fort Seengh Sagar, which was once a mighty fortress that protected the Chunda Ji Sisodia clan from rival families.

Fort Seengh Sagar was constructed during an era marked by global exploration that defined much of the 15th through the 17th centuries.

Fort Seengh Sagar's history reaches back to the 15th century, in which it was founded amid the strife between the Mewar and Marwar regions. Built by members of the prominent Chunda Ji Sisodia clan, this spectacular historic structure was intended to keep rivals families at bay who dared to maraud through the area. In 2005, the fortress was converted into a magical villa, optimizing the space with resplendent guestrooms, a majestic patio area, and modern amenities to complement the Rajasthan-styled decor. Today, Fort Seengh Sagar is owned and operated by Col. Randhir Singhji, the Thakur of Deogarh, and his son, VB. Both men are passionate about preserving the fort’s significant history, while also providing for a luxurious holiday experience.