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Discover Hacienda Santa Rosa, A Luxury Collection Hotel, which was once a grand country manor dating back to the late 19th century.

Hacienda Santa Rosa, A Luxury Collection Hotel was constructed during the historic reign of the United Kingdom’s famed Queen Victoria, who sat on the British throne from 1837 to 1901.

A century ago, in 1899, Santa Rosa was acquired by the García Fajardo brothers, a family of farmers who established it as one of the best plantations in the region. Their initials can be found at the highest place in the Hacienda, the chimney, reading H.G.F. 1901. Like most Mexican estates of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima is organized on a unique north-to-south axis. Its layout specifically features ample public grounds in its front, followed by a patio and an expansive public square. The hacienda itself once produced sisal, which was used in the manufacture of strong textiles such as rope. Guests today can visit the areas where sisal production once took place, as they now constitute the grounds of the hotel’s gardens and corrals.

Aside from being a successful manufacturer of sisal, the Santa Rosa was also a country estate for family getaways. A direct descendant left a written testimony of his amazing summer stays during the two months of the hot summer in the Yucatán. Present-day Santa Rosa offers all the fine facilities and comforts for a perfect Yucatán getaway. Couples can get married in the old chapel located on the grounds. Guests can take a dip in the pool, converted from the original water tank used in the production of sisal. The original fruit plantation is now the botanical garden that has over 200 different species of plant.

  • About the Location +
    Hacienda Santa Rosa de Lima is located in the northeastern part of the Yucatán Peninsula and part of the municipality of Maxcanú, Mayan for “the monkey Canul". During the pre-Columbian period, this region belonged to the tribe named “Ah-Canul."
  • About the Architecture +
    Hacienda Santa Rosa's diverse architecture combines colonial, classic, and a hint of modern elements that distinguishes it from other haciendas in the area. This balanced fusion results in regional architecture with modern lines, while preserving and enhancing its historical aspects. For decades, this unique hacienda was abandoned. After 97 years, it was attentively salvaged and repurposed into a modern boutique hotel.