NH Collection Turin Piazza Carlina

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Discover the NH Collection Turin Piazza Carlina, which was once known as the Regio Albergo di Virtù.

NH Collection Turin Piazza Carlina was constructed during an era marked by global exploration that defined much of the 15th through the 17th centuries.

The NH Collection Turin Piazza Carlina is located in the historic Italian city of Turin, which was designated as the first capital of a unified Italy in 1861. Today, it is a stylish four-star hotel encompassed within the building’s original 17th-century structure. Encircling a cloistered courtyard, surrounded by arcades, the ground is inlayed with masterfully restored stone mosaics. The hotel sits in the southeastern corner of its namesake, Carlina Square. This amazing public square is also known as Vittorio Emmanuele II Square, which itself is named for King Victor Emmanuele II.

The original purpose of this spectacular 17-century building was to serve as a Regio Albergo di Virtù, which was also known locally as the “Royal House of Virtue.” Financed by the Italian Royal Family, the mission of the institution was to train impoverished young people in a number of disciplines. The hope was for these students to find gainful employment afterward. The building was later renovated in 1900 into residential accommodations. One of its most famous residents was politician and theoretician, Antonio Gramsci, who went on to become the co-founder of the Communist Party of Italy. According to the hotel historian, Gramsci lived at the institution from 1913-1915. Known today as the NH Collection Turin Piazza Carlina, this spectacular historic structure is among the city’s most renowned holiday destinations.

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