Rederiet Hotell

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Discover the Rederiet Hotell, which was once the headquarters for the Mosvold Shipping Company.

Rederiet Hotell was constructed in the years following World War II, in which the United States was defined by the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War.

Originally built as the main office for the Mosvold Shipping Company in 1958, Rederiet Hotell has a rich history that is integral to the coastal town of Farsund. Established by Martin Mosvold in 1910, Mosvold Shipping Company's office was designed by renowned architect Thilo Schoder. After spending 40 years inhabiting the Functionalist-style structure, Mosvold Shipping Company moved to new offices at Gåseholmen Farsund. The building was then sold and transformed into a hotel with 12 guestrooms. In 2008, the Glastad family bought back the building along with the neighboring Reymert House. They initiated a comprehensive renovation of the hotel that would include a restaurant. The Glastad’s also added the Reymert House onto the hotel, which significantly increased its capacity. Today, Rederiet Hotell pays homage to its heritage with a maritime theme.

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