Selbusjoen Hotel & Gjestegard

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Built in the 1850s, Selbusjoen Hotel & Gjestegard was originally a general store opened by Fredrik Birch. For decades, the enterprising Birch expanded his market to include a bakery and a post office. He even even manufactured millstones at the site. This amazing historical structure then spent the majority of the 20th century operating as various medical institutions before becoming a boutique hotel in 1988. The Selbusjoen Hotel & Gjestegard has since been a magnificent holiday destination tucked away along the winding coastal landscape of western Norway. Situated on the edge of the town of Selbu, the hotel is only an hour away from the bustling metropolis of Trondheim.

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Take a day to explore the Nidaros Cathedral, Kristiansten Fortress, and Munkholmen in nearby Trondheim.


Discover the Swiss-inspired architecture of the Selbusjoen Hotel & Gjestegard.


Explore the beautiful surroundings of Selbu on a scenic bike ride.


Experience a day out on Selbusjøen Lake in one of the hotel's rowing boats.


Taste a delicious array of Norwegian delicacies at the hotel's restaurant.

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