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Discover the Sola Strand Hotel, which originally opened as Solastranded’s North Sea Baths in 1914.

Sola Strand Hotel was constructed during the international conflict of 1914 to 1918, where the Central Powers battled the Entente for global dominance.

The building that would become the Sola Strand Hotel first emerged in 1914, when R. Christoffersen of the Sandes Steamboat Company originally debuted as a remote seaside destination. It was advertised as the Solastranded’s North Sea Baths, which was an inn that promoted health and comfort. The structure was then sold to Ellen and Axel Lund, who subsequently reopened it as the Sola Strandhytte in 1928.

With a penchant for ships, Axel Lund purchased the Montroyal cruise ship’s smoker lounge from the Stravanger’s ship breakers’ yard in 1930. Lund constructed an exact replica of the lounge as an extension for the building, which was renamed Sola Strand Hotel. In 1932, Axel Lund purchased components of the warship Kong Sverre to use within the building. With these materials, he constructed the hotel’s Sverresalen dining room. By 1937, a new guest wing and swimming pool were ready to debut, as well.

During World War II, Sola Strand Hotel was used to house officers of the Norwegian Air Force until German forces occupied the location in 1944. While Ellen and Axel Lund eventually regained control of the Sola Strand Hotel, the war had left the buildings in poor shape. With much of the hotel's original fixtures compromised, the grounds and buildings were carefully renovated and reopened in 1947.

The Ellen & Axel Lund Foundation was established on January 10, 1950, with control of Sola Strand Hotel handed over to the organization. The mission of the Ellen & Axel Lund Foundation was to run the building as a first-class hotel and use its profits to train new generations of hospitality professionals. In response, The Norwegian School of Hotel Management relocated from Oslo to Sola in 1952, and partnered with the foundation to help run the business. Today, the Sola Strand Hotel is among Norway’s most esteemed holiday destinations.

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