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The Cincinnatian Hotel

    The Cincinnatian Hotel
 in Cincinnati
    The Cincinnatian Hotel
 in Cincinnati


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  • Worst service I've ever experienced

    by Jeremy L on 2018-08-14 02:09 pm

    The management cancelled my 1st reservation, without notice. No call, no wmail..nothing! Was told manager would call me as soon as he arrived at 3pm. No call, nothing. I booked through a 3rd party. Drove the 2.5 hours to check in then proceed to to concert I had tickets for. Valet the car, go inside, very long line with no info flowing. After waiting 25 minutes, find the manager outside talking with people, rather than addressing the inside issue. Once I speak to him, he admits and apologizes for not calling. Says we will be taking care of, they are having issues switching to the Hampton/Hilton booking process. I get to front of the line, attendant informs me she will not honor my reservation! No apology, just a smirk. When I protested she informed me that they are trying to find me a room in Covington. No hotel name, nothing. At this point I cannot make the concert. I lost my money for the tickets and drove 5 hours round trip all to be treated like this! And the kicker, the manager would not take Hilton's customer service reps call. I waited several days to review, to call down. I'm still furious and will be contacting local bbb, local tv and Hilton customer service. Along with reviews on every site I can. I hope to prevent anyone else being treated in this manner, at least warn them of the potential horror that lies ahead. Since I never was given either room I booked, cannot tell you of room condition. Lobby was clean

  • Avoid

    by belst1 on 2018-08-14 02:38 am

    The Cincinnatian needs a lot of work, and I hope Hilton makes the investment.

    Check in was inefficient. The staff needs training.

    Public spaces are tired.

    My room was old and average. The floors were uneven - by as much as a few inches. Bed was ok. Pillows were ok. Television had a big screen, but source was analog. Very narrow selection of channels. My room had one very small window.

    Bathroom consisted of 3 rooms. One had to climb over a 15 inch bathtub wall to get into the shower. People with limited mobility would have a difficult time using the shower. The bathroom had about 10 light switches spread throughout the 3 rooms.

    You can do better in downtown Cincinnati. Hopefully Hilton will bring the property back to prominence.

  • (PLEASE READ) Brutal, brutal experience

    by Matt T on 2018-08-11 07:17 am

    So, I've been dealing with this for over two weeks now, and neither the hotel nor Priceline (who I booked through) has made things right, so here we go...

    The hotel is clearly being renovated as it becomes a Hilton Curio hotel this fall. The hallways are completely torn up and there is clutter everywhere. That said, my room was remodelled and looked pretty nice.


    I went to get into my bed late the first night and found the stains that you will see in two attached photos. We are talking about blood/feces here, and honestly the sheets didn't even seem like they'd been through the wash at all. Like anyone would be, I was absolutely repulsed, and a hotel employee came up to replace the sheets. I was assured that the manager would be in touch to make this up to me, but that since I booked a prepaid rate through Priceline that they would fine another way to make this up to me. Either way, the employee took photos.

    Suffice it to say, no contact was ever made from a manager. I followed up at the front desk twice more and received the same line. I even emailed the same photos to the front desk lady at her request, but still never received a response.

    Honestly, the hallways look brutal as you can see from my pics, but I was willing to let this slide. However, my friend and we're woken early the next morning to loud scraping and banging sounds before someone knocked on our door at 8:15 AM saying he needed to come in to update the TV software. You have to be kidding me.

    When I went to check out and gave my room number, I noticed that the employee at the front desk hurriedly took my room keys and seemed to be trying to get me out the door. She didn't even ask how the stay was. At this point, we spoke up and mentioned the various issues and the fact that management has not rectified the situation as promised. The lady rudely told me that I would have to deal with Priceline, since I booked through them. This was new. Priceline wasn't the one who neglected to wash the sheets, but I understand going through the proper channels.

    Now, as for Priceline, I've been dealing with them for two weeks while they put all the onus on the hotel. They've apparently been contacting the hotel about at least a partial refund. Since the hotel is unwilling to even provide some type of simple gesture to apologize for a brutal experience, then Priceline tells me their hands are also tied. I'd used Priceline a lot in the past without issue, but please know that when an issue DOES arise, Priceline does not step up to the plate. At all. I was told that booked a non-refundable rate means there is no recourse. What??

    I held off on writing a review until now, because I wanted to see how things played out, but enough is enough. I don't care that this hotel is becoming a Hilton, and clearly neither do the employees. What the hotel doesn't realize is that issues are magnified by poor customer service, and the service here is absolutely appalling.

    Do not stay at this hotel. Again, look at those sheets. Honestly.

  • The Hotel from Hell

    by sydnei77 on 2018-08-01 02:25 pm

    We had problems when we first booked our room. We were misinformed regarding when our credit card would be charged. There were more hidden rates that were charged when we arrived to check in, not to mention our reservation was still messed up. We spent almost $1,000 for a weekend and I still have not received the $200 back on my credit card that was being held for the "INCIDENTAL FEE" that this hotel charges on your credit card. The asst. gen. mgr. Hamet was rude and talked down to me as if I were not in my correct mind. I would't recommend this hotel to a homeless person. Our room was thrown together and dirty. The hallways were dark and dangerous. There carpet rolls and buckets of paint and ladders and scaffolds all over the floors. Our bathtub was clogged up with standing water. This was the worst hotel experience I have ever had in my life, and all guests that I met were complaining.

  • They gave prepaid room away- minister of wedding party

    by Deborah M on 2018-07-29 09:23 pm

    I just want to start off this mature, measured, level headed review with the following statement: Screw you guys.

    My boyfriend was serving as minister for his best friends who booked their entire wedding party here. Red flag number one was that they were booking rooms before construction was completed (they said it would be done by our arrival date), and when my boyfriend called on two different occasions to make a reservation he was told the person responsible for taking reservations was not available. When the bride tried on a separate day, she got the same answer, and had to spend 45 minutes on the phone to finally get it done.

    You can keep reading, but this should really set the tone.

    We drove 8 hours from NYC to get there, to our prepaid room. Without attempting to contact us at any time, or the wedding party, The Cincinnatian decided the best course of action after they had been "waiting and waiting, till we had waited as long as we could") was to sell our room to someone else. They already had their money, the room could have sat empty, I don't see what the emergency situation was besides greed. They just wanted more. When I suggested they should have called us, someone at the front desk actually mentioned how tired she was from working a long shift and that it honestly didn't occur to them.

    I feel for her. She's not being groomed to do her job correctly, because night shift is tiring, but simple things like that are a normal part of hospitality culture. Her manager should have thought of it. Or a protocol should be put into place so you don't have to think about it.

    They paid for us to go nearby to the Renaissance Hotel and I cannot recommend enough that you simply do that instead. That is a hotel that understands how to make traveling, and important occasions, as easy on their guests as possible. I wish we could have stayed there both nights, but unfortunately returned to The Cincinnatian for the last night of our two night stay.

    The The Cincinnatian, formerly the Palace Hotel, is a registered historic building that was built in 1882. It's fell into disrepair at various points in time, undergoing various renovations. This particular renovation has been regarded as cheap and fraught with problems. Strangers we met, as well as staff at other hotels, winced when we told them where we were staying.

    I repeat, local residents WINCED when we told them we were staying here.

    This hotel already has an awful reputation. There are little things: wood and carpets not matching in the lobby, no luggage carriers being available because they "always go missing". To more social and political issues like accusations from non-employees of the hotel that they don't pay their workers properly, the app they're required to use malfunctions almost daily, or that they fired long standing employees without reason.

    As for the renovation, construction continued during our stay. The carpets were actually ripped up out of the halls on our floor, exposing sticky floorboards. Open vents were encased in hanging plastic. The people doing the work seem deeply unhappy and their behavior shows it. As for our deluxe kind room, I cannot fathom what is deluxe about it, there's no couch or anything "extra" in it. What I do know is that a renovation to a hotel done in 2018 should include freakin USB ports, or at least more than a single elevated outlet. Our view was of a solid brick wall, and the closet was located in the bathroom.

    I will say this: the room was clean, the shower spacious.

    Don't give them a cent.

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