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  • Parking ticket while using Valet service

    Parking ticket while using Valet service

    by sodak123 on 2021-02-22 09:09 am

    I received a parking ticket while staying with them on a business trip and using their valet service. I did not know my vehicle had been ticketed until two years later when I got a deliquient violation notice from the Rapid City Police Department. When I called and spoke to the manager they said they would only reimburse me unless I had proof. Luckily I did have a copy of my receipt because it was a business trip. Since then I have tried to contact the manager by email and voicemail and she has not returned my calls. This has been almost a month. Had they just apologized for the mishap and reimbursed me for the ticket it would have been fine. Trying to dodge the situation and refusing to get back to me to make it right is absolutely terrible customer service. I know I am not the first person this has happened to here because I heard stories from others, including police officers that said others have called them with this same situation. I am actually considering doing a small claims case against them just because of the principal of the matter. I not only wasted my money on the $20 a day valet service but on top of that a deliquent parking ticket because of them.

  • Generally Enjoyable Stay

    Generally Enjoyable Stay

    by tkbocl on 2021-02-16 04:23 am

    Honestly, this place is a bit of a mixed bag. It seems that the staff tries hard, but the level of service (accuracy, speed, friendliness, etc.) just wasn't up to expectations. The room was very dusty. We did enjoy the location and the atmosphere. It was nice to have a Starbucks in the lobby. We would stay again.

  • Unique!


    by johnhY3652QF on 2021-02-12 05:40 pm

    I needed a "staycation" and I checked the prices of rooms at the local landmark and historical edifice, the Alex. I needed a little alone time and booked an offseason rate that surprised me with its affordability! My room was quirky, to say the least. They booked me into a corner room on one of the upper floors. I opened the door to a 12-foot long hallway that took a right turn to another 6 ft long hallway, that finally led into my incredibly well lit cozy room with a full-size bed. All the amenities were updated and thoroughly modern (honestly, I would love to have had a room with all the original decorations and facilities since I am a history nut and wierdo that way). Two large windows on the exterior walls provided bright natural light that made the room feel welcoming. The bed was wonderfully comfortable and the sheets were very high quality, tightly woven cotton - downright luxurious. The large flat screen tv was easily slid over to reveal better views from the window and the quality modern double pane glass sealed out drafts and street-level noise. The bathroom was commodious enough, and the shower/bath provided water hot enough to satisfy the devil himself if he wanted it! I availed myself to a late afternoon snack from room service as well as a late-night dinner. Room service was just plain fast and delightfully courteous (all tips are shared with kitchen staff as well as wait staff, so PLEASE be generous to these wonderful people). I sat up late reading in bed and was pleased to note no noises from adjoining rooms, my solitude was complete! I slept in late since I refused to set an alarm for myself and burrowed under the covers over and over until late morning. I rarely sleep comfortably in motels/hotels, but this was an exception. I called down to have my car brought from the parking lot (trust me, this is a little luxury worth the extra) and was home across town in minutes rejoining my boring everyday life. Thank you to all the staff at The Alex for this wonderful January respite and for making me feel welcome with the little touches of luxury! Nice to see my hometown peeps doing such a wonderful job.

  • Great, always come here

    Great, always come here

    by jackiepowv on 2021-01-30 06:35 pm

    I've been here around 6 times over the years. This place has friendly staff, clean rooms, beautiful views, cool history, good food, and great location. I'm a visitor of South Dakota and always nice knowing this place is always here. Seein Mick Mars Tommy Lee Vince Neal and that name Changa Nikki Sixx on the walvlv was certainly a treat I just imagined them runnin through the halls in birthday suits runnin a muck havin the record store next door was also splendid a great place to visit if you ever take the sweet little amount you have to visit Rapid City Vinyl you can afterwards take art alley to see the historic unique nature of Rapid City 10/10 WHO SAID SOUTH DAKOTA WAS BORING?? They haven't even been to experience it

  • Great and unique stay

    Great and unique stay

    by Eldorado6 on 2021-01-21 12:28 am

    Enjoyed this hotel very much. Has a nice lodge theme with the organization of a hilton. The rooms are sleek and efficient and reasonably priced. The hotel bar is nice and has beautiful views not to mention a great happy our with cheap drinks.

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