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  • nope, do not do it, we will never stay here again

    nope, do not do it, we will never stay here again

    by JennCMorris on 2020-07-11 10:08 am

    This is the tallest building in the area, it is centrally located, has gluten free & vegetarian options across the street and a Starbucks in the lobby and the beds were extra comfy

    ... BUT it was the dirtiest room I have ever stayed in. EVER!

    They pride themselves on a sticker they put on the door to say the room was clean, but it was NOT!!!

    There were hand and face prints on the AC device & windows. There was A LOT of hair in the bed, on the pillows and in the tub. There was mold growing in the sink at the overflow drain and the back of the doors were filthy. There were clothing stickers stuck to the closet door on the inside and it was soooo dusty in the room. It did not appeared like the room had no been vacuumed. There was sooooo much wrong with the room, we left our bags and went down stairs immediately to let them know. The staff, Demarcus, came up, saw the room, took pictures & agreed the room was GROSS! Blood on the walls. Coffee spills on the bathroom floor. Bathroom had NEVER been swept. The cleaning lady tried again but still missed so much. The next day before checking out I asked the manager to come to my room. He was mad I had so many complaints but he should have been more mad at his staff for the epic FAIL. Here is the kicker.... I was told the room would be no charge BECAUSE I CLEAN AROUND THE TOILET MYSELF & IT WAS SO GROSS! The next day a $243 charge showed up on our credit card. I am not impressed.

  • Rooftop bar!

    Rooftop bar!

    by AnaRountree on 2020-07-11 09:47 am

    The ambiance at this historic hotel makes up for most shortcomings. We were slightly disappointed in the room itself because the bathroom was too small. Despite that, the bed was very comfortable, the art was very nice, and the staff very friendly and attentive. The rooftop bar was a very nice surprise.

  • Brilliant room layout

    Brilliant room layout

    by jwb1011 on 2020-07-09 07:57 pm

    This hotel is the best in Rapid City. That being said, it's South Dakota, so how high are your expectations? The lobby and rooftop are very nice, and they layout of my two beds room with the bathroom in the middle made sharing a room with my friend very comfortable and gave us each our needed privacy. Unfortunately the rooms themselves feel pretty tired, the furniture is worn and chipped and the carpet is at the end of its life. If they invested a bit more in the rooms this could really be a 5 star experience.

    They are short staffed with housekeeping and my room was not ready at check in. They lied and kept saying it would only be 20 more minutes... for 5 hours. I did not get my room until almost 6pm which made me two hours late to an important event, I had to change clothes in a public bathroom and was not able to shower. That being said, it's still better than anything else in town and the warmth of the front door staff and concierge was a welcome bonus... maybe they should be running the front desk and housekeeping department.

  • Historic !

    Historic !

    by marygrace58 on 2020-07-09 06:50 am

    This hotel has a great location . Near lots of restaurants . Many famous people have stayed here and their pictures are posted across from the elevator,
    Lovely restaurant with great views on 10th floor.
    Workout room on 3rd floor which was very busy at 7am.
    Memorial park is within walking distance with a great bike and running trail .
    If you go about 2 miles in you can find a mountain bike trail which is awesome for trail running.
    Staff is very young and friendly. We saved money by parking at the memorial park .
    This area didn't seem worried about the virus. Not a very crowded or busy place though.
    Only negative our room was very small.

  • Disappointing


    by 436lees on 2020-07-05 11:07 am

    I expected a lot more COVID-19 proactiveness when you stay at a national chain. As soon as we went to check in this wasn't not the case. There was no masks being worn by any staff and there wasn't plastic at check in counter. We were on a week long road trip and just wanted to be able to park our own car especially since the valet weren't following any precautions. My wife had checked in and tried to get info on parking but they just sent her out to talk to the valet who seemed unable to answer this request. All we heard was we could park on our own but would have to feed the meter every two hours. Not a great option finally we were able to communicate we were fine with paying the valet fee as long as we could park our own car. After about five minutes we were able to get a valet pass and park our own car. We did find out later there was no charge to park in this garage on weekdays as long as you came in after 5 p.m. and left at 8 a.m. We were hiking every day so this wasn't a problem and would have been nice to know. I know South Dakota hasn't seem a large amount of cases but Hilton staff should have been wearing masks when they were in contact with guests. The other item we found out was there was a large amount of road noise, elevator noise based on where you stay in the hotel.

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