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  • Wonderful Birthday Weekend

    Wonderful Birthday Weekend

    by JonGoldberg on 2020-11-16 09:21 am

    Mid November 2020 my wife and I enjoyed a special birthday weekend and this hotel and staff did a wonderful job of assisting us with special amenities room request and dinner reservations. I was worried about it as I had seen in recent post challenges, as someone who is affected by covid restrictions in my work this team did an AMAZING JOB!

    I understand there is no breakfast but with this ever changing landscape its not something that will not stop me from booking in the future and dinner was delicious. The chef and culinary team did a great job. The cocktails in the great hall and ambiance was perfect well done Brooks!. We enjoyed the spa and were so relaxed that we forgot about Covid and the world outside. Sandy did an amazing job.

    All in all it was a wonderful experience and to those who are worried do not be the team does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable. I can not wait to go back!

  • Horrible, dirty and abandoned

    Horrible, dirty and abandoned

    by MandD2020fl on 2020-10-26 07:56 am

    First we were checked into a dirty room which had not been cleaned from the previous guest. The second room that was assigned by the front desk was questionable:
    -Missing the disinfection sticker at the door(presumably housekeeping ran out of stickers) or the room had not been disinfected.
    -Hair all over the shower all and around the amenities area.
    -Missing several items: shampoo completely out( refillable bottle had been mixed with water from the previous guest and that is how it was left by housekeeping!)
    -Shower gel bottle was nearly empty only had enough for one shower.
    -Toilet paper roll was unacceptably low as well as the tissue box had run out to the last blue tissues
    -No laundry bags in the room.

    Breakfast option/set up was offensive, please don't call it breakfast: only coffee and tea and some prepackaged store-bought muffins.

    Also no options for a hot breakfast or a market to purchase other breakfast options.

    This hotel is a joke. And please don't blame it on COVID, because if you were so concerned about COVID you would clean your rooms and not check-in guests into dirty rooms. Buy more stickers! Teach your front desk to pay attention to the room statuses before sending guests all the way there with their luggage just to enter a filthy room.

    Zero amenities, and zero care from the staff, not to mention, I forgot my mask in the room and I kindly asked the front desk lady if they had any at the front desk, she made me go to the spa with her to get a washcloth to cover my mouth so that other guests wouldn't see. She was more concerned about what other guests would see than to actually help me. Any restaurant, retail or front desk of any hotel has emergency masks, but yet, this hotel was lacking even shampoo in the rooms.

    For the rates you charge, you should be embarrassed to treat your guests like this.

    I get times are rough for hotels, i can't imagine how your general manager must be pulling his hairs, looking at the occupancy. But the issues that I encountered are not hard to fix, it just shows how lethargic and uninterested everyone is at this location about their job. People still pay money to stay there, treat them with respect at minimum clean your rooms.

  • Terrible experience and no promised refund.

    Terrible experience and no promised refund.

    by Vacationer317517 on 2020-10-08 03:53 am

    My wife and I stayed the first week in August at the Hilton Saranac and we have not yet received our promised refund for this terrible experience. We only received some extra Hilton reward points to be used to partially pay for another stay, but not our promised refund. This hotel was not clean, our dinner was sub par and we received a dirty napkin. The next morning there was no coffee and we became very frustrated when we were advised to go to the local cafe to get our own coffee and it was closed. We are very disappointed that Hilton has treated us this poorly after we have been loyal customers for over 40 years. After seven phone calls and emails to resolve this issue we finally just gave up on our promised refund.
    John and Iletha Kucak

  • Tiny rooms

    Tiny rooms

    by yvonnea972 on 2020-09-23 04:41 pm

    The hotel was pretty dead on Sunday evening, and so was the town. Because of Covid, we didn't spend time in the beautiful second floor lounge, and the restaurant and bar were closed. We ended up spending our time in the room, which is especially small. One person can squeeze through between the foot of the bed and the wall with TV, and there are bedside bureaus, but nothing else. A small, low built in seat was uncomfortable, leaving the bed as the only place to sit. Smallest hotel room we have had.

  • So Disappointing!

    So Disappointing!

    by Carla D on 2020-09-07 10:55 am

    Skip this one and drive straight to the Hampton in Lake Placid where they know how to treat Diamond members and what customer service is all about! Upon checking in the young man at the front desk told me that no upgrades were avaiable (we paid premium hoilday rate). I was holding $20 in my hand and was prepared to tip him, also the upper parking lot only had 11 vehicles in it all night and the lower one was probably 2/3 rds full so really? The onsite restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays so we couldn't eat dinner there or get our breafast benefit either. So we had to drive to get dinner so my husband couldn't have a drink. Only decaf coffee was available at 6:00 am so we drove to McDonalds. We walked to the Blue Moon Cafe for breakfast and it was excellent!
    We found the second floor terrace by accident before we checked out. It would have been nice if the front desk clerk had eplained some of the hotel's features as we checked in! I worked for Hilton 35 years ago and have always been faithful to this brand, but there is a lot to fix at this hotel!

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