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  • People will remember how they feel

    People will remember how they feel

    by 063inavapk on 2020-06-18 09:54 pm

    For the people that read the first line-
    The staff is rude, provided mixed/wrong information and there is hair in the bathroom of the room we were assigned - on the toilet seat itself and the shower.

    A little more info -
    - Was laughed at when confirming late check in procedures.
    - was spoken to rudely when following hotels covid 19 protocol of calling hotel to be let in after hours
    - was advised of 24 hr valet and then upon arrival was advised (with an unnecessary attitude) that it is not available - I called the day before I arrived.
    - clump of hair in the shower
    - hair on the toilet

    My long review-
    You don't travel right now unless you must with covid 19, and the staff in this location are so frustrating during this time.
    Our booking stated (after we booked - in the fine print) that check in ended at midnight. Because our flight was getting in late, I called the hotel to check on late check in procedure. I was ridiculed. I was laughed at and advised that there would be 24 hr check in and due to covid19, the hotel entrances would be locked but opened immediately if called.
    We got in and circled the hotel to find the valet parking. Eventually we saw a fellow guest waiting outside. He had a heavy backpack and a food bag in one hand and a drink and his keycard in his other hand. He stated he called the hotel to be let in and was waiting as instructed for security to come let him in. We spoke long enough for us to introduce ourselves, talk about why we were in Syracuse, ponder the arrival time of the security and make sure we were at the right entrance. We even talked about what food places to check out.. that's more than 10 mins at this point.
    When you go to an elevator and someone is standing there - human nature is to push the button regardless. I waited for the door to be opened till we got to the 4th restaurant I was advised to try out. Finally I called. The receptionist that answered had the tone of someone who was tired of people calling and wanted to be left alone. It is not really the tone you would like to hear after trying to get into a building, to check in, so you can sleep on the bed you paid for. Two mins later - security came and let the man in. I on the other hand was told that valet was not available, the parking garage was a block away and that we would need to call back and wait for security to open the door again.
    Honestly the parking garage is so close, it was fine as we only had carryon items (a backpack each), but as I was looking forward to valet, because I called to make sure with the hotel..... it was disappointing.
    The hotel looks awesome... it is unique in design and grand.
    Our room was inviting when we walked in. Light switches by the door rather than begging lamps to turn on in the dark with iPhone lights. The bathroom also looked great - until we lifted the toilet seat cover... two hairs on it. We brought hand sanitizer and sprayed the seat down... but I shouldn't have to! Ok so we cleaned the toilet. After traveling in two planes we needed to shower first rather than taint our bed... the shower had a stream of hair... seriously?
    Sucks that a chain hotel with so many resources can't get decent staff. Is this just a New York thing to be rude?

  • Amazing Front Desk Staff

    Amazing Front Desk Staff

    by norlnsguy on 2020-03-05 09:01 am

    Abigail is always extremely friendly, helpful, and efficient. She remembers me by name and knows my room preference by heart. She goes above and beyond every time. Outstanding job!!

    Holly is also terrific. She expertly handled a problem with my room on a previous visit. We discovered she used to work near my hometown in Illinois. I really appreciate Holly's proactive approach and friendly disposition.

    Abigail and Holly are great representatives of the Marriott brand.

  • Overrated in my opinion

    Overrated in my opinion

    by ADiStefano on 2020-03-02 09:05 pm

    Nice hotel. I am not a fan of the old school doors and such; but rest of hotel was to be expected. Personally, I am shocked this hotel was not superior to the other Marriott properties in the area. I was unsure where to park and luckily did not get ticket. I believe I paid $30 in taxes and was not sure what that was for.

  • AMAZING, Beautifully restored, historic hotel, with 5 STAR service!

    AMAZING, Beautifully restored, historic hotel, with 5 STAR service!

    by Travel-Passat on 2020-02-18 04:06 pm

    I recently stayed here with my wife and two teenage children. I booked a room with two queen beds but was upgraded to an executive suite with 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, living room and dining room. The suite was gorgeous! As platinum member we also had access to the M Club. The hotel itself is absolutely beautiful and a MUST SEE. They've done such a nice job restoring it. The ballroom and lobby were my two favorite areas. The hotel room doors are neat too and go all the way back to the 1920's. In each room there is a hardcover book that gives a history of the hotel. I highly suggest reading it. We did valet parking for $20. Well worth the extra $4.00. They also have a shuttle that will take you and pick you up within a 1 mile radius. We used this to go to dinner. Destiny Mall is only about a 10 minute drive away. I will definitely stay at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown next time I'm in the area.

  • A little confusing

    A little confusing

    by Luabcdefg on 2020-02-09 02:51 pm

    Just came from this lovely downtown heritage hotel. Room sizes were big with many amenities in the hotel not to mention a terrific Full service Gym. We were with a big group and wanted to book a 30 person dinner at the restaurant hotel. Was told by the restaurant manager that he would not advise a large group reservation at 5 pm.on a saturday night before a college basketball home a result, we booked elsewhere at a restaurant he said was short walk away. When we walked past the hotel restaurant at 5pm, it was 3/4 empty or easily able to accommodate our group.
    THAT restaurant the manager recommended was a 25 minute walk in the winter which seemed like an hour. Overall, the hotel had a great vibe and good value for the money for our group I would say. Our only disappointment was a restaurant manager that gave us inaccurate information. If the Hotel GM sees this post, he should know that the restaurant on site that refused our group reservation lost about $1000.00 in revenue where I'm sure they could have used it. This was the only blemish in an otherwise great stay!

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