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• Travel to nearby Decatur for Southern farm-to-table options, which include a variety of vegetarian choices. Enjoy butterbean hummus as well as more conventional Southern fare such as sausage and grits.

• Savor the tastes of the South at Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours. Enjoy Black-Eyed Pea Salsa served with House Tortilla Chips as an appetizer. Main courses include Hoisin Oxtails with Vegetable Fried Rice, Shallot Ginger Roasted Bok Choy. Other flavors include Country Style Pork Ribs, Nawlins’ Seafood Lasagna, and Mississippi Fried Catfish. Cleanse the palate with Ivy’s Heavenly Peach Cobbler.

• Taste a mix of Southern food at Miller Union. Start with cornmeal fritters, flavored with garlic buttermilk dressing. Taste sweet corn and ricotta ravioli with summer squash, Vidalia, pistachio, espelette, and mint. Or perhaps try a hearty dish with grilled quail, rice middlins, green beans, tomato, peach, and country ham.
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