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  • Before you book, make sure they don't have a wedding going on!!!

    Before you book, make sure they don't have a wedding going on!!!

    by sklincke on 2020-08-03 08:54 am

    If you book a room, make sure there isn't a wedding booked for the same evening. My daughter and I went on a dive trip to many of the springs in Florida. We found this hotel online and called them to book a room for the evening. We were excited to explore the historic old hotel. Unfortunately, at 4pm, when we tried to walk into the lobby, we were met at the door and told the lobby and all the "public" areas of the hotel were closed for a private wedding. We were given a room key and that was all there was to the trip. They told us it would open back up at 11pm. No gift shop, no restaurant, no lobby, nothing... disappointed to say the least.

  • Don't Come Here, I want it to be My Secret!

    Don't Come Here, I want it to be My Secret!

    by kentkw on 2020-07-14 05:06 am

    I hate to write this review because I don't want too many people to discover and ruin this place. Though I've been coming here for more than 40 years so maybe I shouldn't worry so much.

    In a day and age when so many lodging experiences are so monotone, impersonal and unmemorable the Lodge at Wakulla Springs is a joy to behold. During this Covid madness I have gotten desperate to get my children out of the house and off of their connected internet devices. I want them to experience life as it is happening around them, not just in their eyes and mind. And there could be no better place to do that than here at the Lodge. Nothing has changed in decades. The rooms are still utterly peaceful and timelessly decorated. No TVs still. (though they do have wifi!)

    The building is a historic masterpiece, the surroundings majestic in their natural beauty and healing properties and the restaurant, though certainly showing signs of neglect, still produces a wonderful and affordable menu of standbys that were utterly satisfying after a long day of driving. I don't think I've ever had a more enjoyable Old Fashioned cocktail.

    Please enjoy and respect this wonderful institution. My 9 year old daughter exclaimed that when she has children 'this is the first hotel I'm going to take them to'. I pray that the opportunity still exists for her when that time comes.

  • Live Like the Rich on a Budget

    Live Like the Rich on a Budget

    by Kris10Denise on 2020-06-24 01:47 pm

    My husband and I stayed at The Lodge in October 2019 for one night. Huge mistake. Book a few nights to enjoy this gorgeous place. As soon as you walk into the lobby you are transported into the past. Everything was immaculate and check in was fast and friendly.

    After check in we took the vintage elevator to the second floor. It has a manual door to close and makes a bunch of noise. It was scary and an amazing historic experience at the same time.

    We stayed in the Jesse DuPont suite. It was huge! The bed was comfortable and we had a massive closet. I had no issues with the bathroom, air conditioning or furniture. Everything was clean and elegant.

    We ate dinner at the onsite Edward Ball Dining Room. The menu changes seasonally, but everything we had was wonderful.

    We did not have time to take a boat tour and in hindsight this was a mistake. The little bit we saw of the grounds was stunning. We got a malt and phosphate from the soda fountain to go.

    With the room and dinner we spent around $200 at The Lodge. It was a bargain considering the elegant environment and great service. I encourage anyone to book The Lodge for several days to relax and pretend you are a DuPont. I would come back in a heartbeat.

  • Exceptional experience that exceeded expectations.

    Exceptional experience that exceeded expectations.

    by ChristopherSH on 2020-03-10 06:04 pm

    A fabulous hotel that took us back in time to the glory days of the 30's but with comfortable 21century beds.
    We felt like we had the park to ourselves and we were enchanted by the sound of owls and aligator bellows at night.

    The restaurant on site also really exceeded our expectations with great food and good local beer.
    Don't pass the chance to stay here.

  • Beautiful Location of The Lodge

    Beautiful Location of The Lodge

    by Yori O on 2020-03-03 12:22 am

    Although the key of the room my wife got never worked and mine needed help from staff several times, we still enjoyed this Lodge. Very quaint. Overlooking the Wakulla River, the Lodge sits magnificently. Guess since it's part of the State Park, they don't have money to fix too much but perhaps that's the charm. No TV in the room which is great. Less than 30 rooms. We were able to take an one hour boat ride which was a highlight.

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