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Haciendas y Estancias de Mexico emerged in 2000 with the purpose of preserving and promoting historic gems from Mexico’s Spanish Colonial past, today transformed into more than 40 hotels or restaurants of unique design enhanced with modern luxury; located near archaeological ruins, in picturesque villages, or in areas of lush tropical beauty, the members of Haciendas y Estancias provide visitors with an authentic view of Mexican culture, traditions, and cuisine through an innovative offering of tourism destinations.

The Federacion of Haciendas, Estancias, and Historical Hotels of Mexico, whose mission is to preserve and protect historical structures throughout the country, was constituted in 2005. It is presided over by the distinguished members whose vision and creativity led to the recovery and preservation of a magnificentarchitectural legacy.

A land of hospitality, natural beauty, and wonders welcomes travelers to each of the establishments distributed over 20 states throughout the republic.

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