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Hike through Norway's breathtaking fjords and majestic peaks or take in the beauty and culture of the small towns and big cities. Discover iconic lighthouses that dot the coast and enjoy historic accommodations, rich in heritage and comfortable. luxurious amenities.

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Norwegian Hotels

Kviknes Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1752

Built in a classic Swiss-style, the Kviknes Hotel has been owned and operated by the Kviknes family for over 135 years, boasting warm traditional Norwegian hospitality and service. Situated on the Sognefjord, the hotel offers an astonishing view of the mountains and sea.

Address: 6899 Balestrand, Norway
Nearby: Sognefjord Aquarium, The Jostedal Glacier, Breheimssenteret

Grand Terminus

Original Property Opened: 1928

Situated in the heart of vibrant Bergen, Grand Terminus has offered luxury Norwegian hospitality, boasting 131 charming guestrooms, beautiful banquet rooms, and stunning architecture, seamlessly blending the styles of Baroque, Classicism, and Functionalism.

Address: Zander Kaaes gate 6, Bergen 5015, Norway
Nearby: Pedestrian Street Marken, Museum Square, Lungegårsdvann

Hotel Augustin

Original Property Opened: 1909

Originally a local watering hole, Hotel Augustin is a colorful Art Nouveau hotel offering unparalleled service and 113 thoughtfully-appointed guestrooms, many with stunning views of the Ulriken mountains, the harbor, or Bryggen.

Address: C Sundts gt 22, Bergen, Norway 5004
Nearby: Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Hardanger Fjord, Art Museum

Dalen Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1894

Inspired by traditional stave churches from the Middle Ages, Dalen Hotel is known as the "fairytale hotel," due to its ornate fixtures, including turrets, cornices, and intricate balconies. Equally stunning, the hotel's interiors boast restored stain glass windows and carefully-appointed wooden patterns.

Address: Markensvegen, Postboks 54, Dalen 3886, Norway
Nearby: Telemark Canal, Grimdalstunet Museum, West Telemark Museum

Rederiet Hotell

Original Property Opened: 1958

Rederiet Hotell was originally used by the Mosvold Shipping Company, representing the rich maritime culture and history of the region. Featuring historic accommodations, intimate meeting spaces, and refined cuisine, this Functionalist-style hotel is a charming destination for seaside comfort.

Address: Jochum Lunds plass 6, Farsund, Norway 4550
Nearby: S/S Adella, Sørlandsbadet, Lista beach and lighthouse

Strand Hotel Fevik

Original Property Opened: 1937

A choice destination for luxury beach vacations, Strand Hotel Fevik features 90 exquisite guestrooms, most lending views of the sea from a private balcony. A Functionalist-style property, the hotel is surrounded by stunning natural landscape, ensuring a relaxing and peaceful stay.

Address: 4870 Fevik, Norway
Nearby: The Skerries/small islands, beaches, Fevik Harbor

Losby Gods

Original Property Opened: 1744

Comprised of three former factories, Losby Gods is stunning wooden property illustrating the significant timber trade history of the region. Boasting a private golf course, 70 elegant guestrooms, and warm hospitality, Losby Gods is a true luxury country retreat.

Address: Losbyveien 270, Finstadjordet, Akershus, Norway 1475
Nearby: Wine tasting tours, golf, historic tours

Fretheim Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1870

Situated on the Flåmselva river, highly populated with salmon and trout, Fretheim Hotel began as a modest posting inn to accommodate the influx of fisherman. Today, Fretheim Hotel remains a popular destination for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, featuring 121 comfortable guestrooms, a variety of meeting spaces, and an eco-friendly restaurant.

Address: Pb63, Flam, Hordaland, Norway, 5743
Nearby: The Flåm Railway, The Valley of Flåm, The Navvies' Road

Dr Holms Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1909

Situated in a charming mountain village boasting fresh air and stunning natural landscape, Dr Holms Hotel was originally used as a sanctuary for asthmatic patients. Carefully-restored, the hotel features luxury English-style interiors, elegant accommodations, and convenient access to the forest and mountain trails that surround the property.

Address: 3580 Geilo, Norway
Nearby: Geilojordet houses, ski resorts, hiking trails, sailing

Grotli Høyfjellshotel

Original Property Opened: 1869

Grotli Høyfjellshotel is a carefully preserved mountain lodge with luxury accommodations and service. Whether they spend the day skiing, hiking, sightseeing or in quiet repose, guests at the historic hotel enjoy the inviting warmth of the original timber walls and authentic antique furnishings reminiscent of a bygone era.

Address: Grotli 2695 Norway
Nearby: Tafjord Mmountains, Brenheimen National Park, Geiranger Fjord

Knutholmen Hotell

Original Property Opened: 1860

Comprised of several beautiful historic buildings in Kalvag, Norway, Knutholmen Hotell lends insight to the rich maritime heritage of the renowned fishing village that remains a celebrated destination today. Celebrating its seaside culture, the hotel affords the setting to explore the majestic mountain and forest surroundings.

Address: 6729 Kalvåg, Norway
Nearby: Grotlesanden, The Hornelen cliff, Vingen rock carvings

Sundvolden Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1648

Sundvolden Hotel has been the choice historic experience for tradesmen, farmers, artists, royalty, and travelers from the furthest corners of the globe. Offering 257 spacious guestrooms and creative and comforting cuisine at the property's refined restaurant, Anno 1648, Sundvolden Hotel is a luxury retreat rich in heritage and tradition.

Address: Dronningveien 2, 3531 Krokkleiva, Norway
Nearby: King's View at Krokskogen, Hadeland Glassworks

Hotel Ullensvang

Original Property Opened: 1846

Originally a “staging inn” with one straw bed over a shipping office, Hotel Ullensvang is rooted with deep Norwegian history and traditions. Run by five generations of the Utne family, the hotel was expanded and restored to the luxury property that it stands today.

Address: Lofthus i, Hardanger 5787 Norway
Nearby:Hardanger Museum Wharf, and Herand Kulturhistoriske Senter

Fossheim Turisthotell

Original Property Opened: 1897

A gem hidden snuggled at the foot of towering snow peaks and the majestic cliffs of Lom, Fossheim Turisthotell is a charming third-generation family owned historic hotel proud of its cultural heritage and longstanding values of hospitality. While secluded, Lom is a breathtaking town, rich in tradition, with a picturesque backdrop.

Address: 2686 Lom, Norway
Nearby: Lomseggen Mountain, Tronoberget Mountain, hiking trails

Fru Haugans Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1885

Ideally situated on the Vefsna riverside, Fru Haugans Hotel has been a women-run retreat offering warm hospitality and excellent service. A beautiful location at the end of the picturesque Sjøgata street, Fru Haugans Hotel has holds the distinction of being Northern Norway’s oldest preserved adjoining wooden buildings.

Address: 8651 Mosjoen, Norway
Nearby: Sjøgata, Vefsna River, Giant Hill Ski Resort

Hotell Refsnes Gods

Original Property Opened: 1767

Hotell Refsnes Gods has earned its reputation as a choice destination to experience tranquil luxury on the Jeloy island in Moss, Norway. Originally a lavish private residence, Hotell Refsnes Gods was frequented by luminaries and dignitaries that have left their mark on the property, including artists Edvard Munch who inspired The Munch Restaurant and King Oscar II who is celebrated by the historic King Hall.

Address: Godset 5, Moss, Norway 1501
Nearby: Oslo Fjord, private beaches, wine tastings

Hotel Union Øye

Original Property Opened: 1891

Hotel Union Øye is a historic gem, situated in a peaceful village on Hjørundfjord with the Sunnmøre Alps towering all around. The property is a historical journey in itself with authentic rooms, all named after royal and dignified guests, with rich and traditional decorations.

Address: 6196 Norangsfjorden, Norway
Nearby: Hjørundfjord, Ålesund, Ona lighthouse

Bårdshaug Herregård

Original Property Opened: 1890

Former home of architect, entrepreneur, and traveler Christian Thams, Bårdshaug Herregård began as a parsonage converted into a thoughtfully decorated personal residence. Today, the 65 guestrooms at the hotel still reflect the intricate details of Christian Thams' passions and history with its decor and original furnishings.

Address: 7300 Orkanger, Norway
Nearby: Trondheim, Orkla River, salmon fishing

Solstrand Hotel & Bad

Original Property Opened: 1896

Originally an intimate escape for merchant princes to revitalize creative notions, Solstrand Hotel & Bad is run by the fourth-generation of the Schau-Larsen family and remains a holiday resort offering the its original wooden architecture affording the rich natural and cultural landscape that surrounds it.

Address: Solstrandveien 200, Os, Bergen, Norway 5200
Nearby: Bjørnefjord, Møsnuken, Os Village, Liafjellet


Original Property Opened: 1946

Originally built by Magnus Poulsson during World War I, Lysebu Hotel was used as a personal residence for Norwegian ship owner Anton Fredrik Kaveness. Outdoor enthusiasts can easily access skiing and hiking trails from Lysebu, while guests preferring indoor activities can enjoy the hotel’ s fine restaurants, comfortable accommodations, and on-going cultural events.

Address: Lysebuveien 12, Oslo 712 Norway
Nearby: Sørkedalen Valley, Norefjell Mountain Range

Nermo Hotell & Apartments

Original Property Opened: 1925

Nermo Hotell & Apartments was originally a modest guesthouse among a potato and grain farm for fishermen and hunters seeking adventure among the valleys of Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. Today, the property offers 32 spacious and comfortable guestrooms and 53 apartments featuring magnificent soaring views of the valley and Oyer mountains.

Address: 2636 Oyer, Norway
Nearby: Hafjell Skiing Area, Geilo Skiing Resorts, Lillehammer

Reine Rorbuer

Original Property Opened: 1775

Originally a lodging network and hub for migrating fishermen, Reine Rorbuer is a unique luxury historic hotel comprised of a village of charming private multi-room wooden cabins, outdoor facilities, and small shops and services. Fully-restored and rich in heritage, Reine Rorbuer is located in the Lofoten archipelago affording beautiful views of the Norwegian Sea and lush mountain peaks.

Address: 8390 Reine, Nordland, Norway
Nearby: Lofoten Mountain Range, Norwegian Sea, fjord cruises

Roros Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1951

Starting from humble beginnings, Roros Hotel began as a hopeful endeavor to boost the city of Roros' economy after the downfall of the copper mining industry. Today, the spacious and comfortable 156 guestrooms and suites, premier meeting venues, and popular restaurants and bars are proof of the venture's success.

Address: An Magrittsvel 1, Roros, Norway 7674
Nearby: Olav Mine, Bergstadens Ziir Church, Smelthytta Museum

Vertshuset Røros

Original Property Opened: 1914

Originally an old textile factory, Vertshuset Røros is comprised of the two adjacent buildings creating a unique lodging experience with two distinct interiors. The spaces were converted into 38 comfortable accommodations displaying the industrial history of Bergstadens, with rich traditional Røros furnishings in Rammgården or clean modern lines in Uldvarefabrik.

Address: Kjerkegata 34, Røros, Norway, 7374
Nearby: Olav Mine, Bergstadens Ziir Church, Smelthytta Museum

Gloppen Hotell

Original Property Opened: 1866

Centrally located in Sandane, Norway, Gloppen Hotell has been a premier destination for fishing and nature enthusiasts. Inspired by the flourishing fishing interest, Gloppen Hotell was built to support the local angling business and has since continued to remain passionate and committed to stimulating and strengthening interest for the community.

Address: 6860 Sandane Norway
Nearby: Haugabre Glacier, Gloppen Fjord, Norsk Fjordhestgard

Hotel Kong Carl

Original Property Opened: 1690

Named after King Carl IV of Sweden and Norway, idyllically situated in the center of the whaling and recreational town of Sandefjord, Hotel Kong Carl has been a luxury lodging establishment, with the building dating back to 1690 making it the oldest structure in town.

Address: Torggaten 9, Sandefjord, Norway 3201
Nearby: Lågen, Sandefjord, salmon fishing rivers


Original Property Opened: 1925

The carefully preserved walls Lauritz Smith Pedersen built for his factory transports guests of the GamlaVærket Hotel to an authentic tour of Norway’s industrial history. With 28 romantic guestrooms, individually furnished and styled, the hotel offers each guest a personalized experience with charming service and amenities reflecting the history of Norway.

Address: St Olavs gate 38, Sandnes 4306, Norway
Nearby: Lysefjord, Jæren beaches, Sandnes attractions

Kronen Gaard Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1898

Featuring 35 charming guestrooms and suites, Kronen Gaard Hotel is an intimate retreat nestled amid Norway's finest natural offerings. Passionate about using local ingredients, the kitchen at Kronen Gaard is a comforting traditional experience balanced with inventive flavors. A stay at Kronen Gaard Hotel is an experience rich in history and traditional warmth.

Address: Vatne, Sandnes, Norway 4300
Nearby: Vitenfabrikken Science Factory, Kvadrat Mall, SolaStranden

Selbusjoen Hotel & Gjestegard

Original Property Opened: 1850

Boasting the tranquility of its countryside setting, Selbusjoen Hotel & Gjestegard features luxury accommodations situated on the banks of Selbu, Norway. Before it was converted into the charming hotel, the property was occupied by a diverse collection of organizations and businesses, including a general store, sanatorium, post office, and a home for the elderly.

Address: Havernesset 15, Selbu, Norway 7580
Nearby: Selbuskogen Martnan, fishing, hunting grounds,

Seljord Hotell

Original Property Opened: 1857

Majestically situated in the heart of treasured Telemark is Seljord Hotell. With its proximity to magnificent area attractions, both cultural and natural, historic Seljord Hotell is the perfect oasis for travelers visiting the enchanting Telemark area.

Address: Seljord 3840 Norway
Nearby: Museums, Telemark Canal, Bø Sommarland Water Park

Sola Strand Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1914

With front row seats to the North Sea, Sola Strand Hotel has been an idyllic example of the perfect beach vacation for decades. Sola Strand Hotel offers first-class hospitality to guests drawn to the area’s natural beauty, while providing luxury accommodations and comfort.

Address: Sola 4050 Norway
Nearby: Solastranden Beach, Swords in Rock Monument, Pulpit Rock

Stalheim Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1855

With centuries of experience, renovation, and expansion, Stalheim Hotel today is a family-run business boasting 124 comfortable guestrooms, a delicious restaurant and bar, and meeting spaces, all with expansive panoramic views of the breathtaking Nærøyfjord and Nærøy Valley.

Address: 5715 Stalheim, Hordaland, Norway
Nearby: Stalheim Folk Museum, Nærøyfjord Mountain Range and Valley

Anker Brygge Rorbusuiter AS

Original Property Opened: 1860

Tucked in Svolvær harbor on the Lofoten Islands, Anker Brygge is where a historic setting meets modern luxury. Visitors to the enchanting Lofoten Islands take in the spectacular Nordic seascapes, fresh air, and dramatic mountains while soaking up Norwegian history in Anker Brygge's carefully restored cabins.

Address: Lamholmen, Svolvær 8300 Norway
Nearby: Henningsvær Fishing Village, Viking Museum, Lofoten Islands

Engø Gård

Original Property Opened: 1845

In the heart of a park on the Oslo fjord coastline, Engo Gard was originally a modest guesthouse that slowly expanded and was restored to great the luxury historic hotel that stands today. Engo Gard has converted its property to house 44 guestrooms, a renowned restaurant with private wine cellar, and other exciting facilities.

Address: Gamle Engovei 25, Tjome, Norway 3145
Nearby: Oslo Fjord, Tjøme Golf Course, sailing, fishing

Britannia Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1897

Majestically situated in the center of historic Trondheim, just minutes from Nidaros Cathedral, Britannia Hotel is just off the town's popular shopping and sightseeing street North. Britannia Hotel is the city's first great luxury hotel and has remained synonymous with the highest standards of service, comfort and cuisine.

Address: Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim, Norway 7011
Nearby: Kristiansten Fortress, Nidaros Catherdral, Trondheim Museum of Arts

Haaheim Gaard

Original Property Opened: 1907

Nestled in the foothills of Uggdal, Norway, on the island of Tysnes, Haaheim Gaard is a charming hotel boasting a romantic rural setting. Originally built on farmland, the hotel represents the rich agricultural history that remains integral in the culture and economy today.

Address: Haaheim, Uggdal, Norway 5685
Nearby: Folgefonna Glacier, Rosendal Castle, Sunnhordland Folk Museum

Utne Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1722

One of the oldest hotels in Norway, the iconic Utne Hotel boasts intricate decorative details and a collection of antique treasures. Today, guests flock to Utne Hotel for its authenticity, inviting ambiance, to take in the sheer richness of its history, and to enjoy the area's pure air, and fresh spring water.

Address: Utne 5797 Norway
Nearby: Hardangerfjord, Hardanger Folk Museum, Agatunet Hamlet Building

Fleischer's Hotel

Original Property Opened: 1864

Fleischer’s Hotel has been a cultural treasure for prominent guests wanting to indulge in a fairytale experience surrounded by Norway’s natural wonders. As one of the finest historic treasures in Norway, the family-owned and operated Fleishcher’s Hotel continues its legacy of gracious hospitality and legendary service.

Address: Evangervegen 13, Voss 5700 Norway
Nearby: Lake Vangsvatnet, Voss Ski Resorts, Nærøyfjord

Hotel Brosundet

Original Property Opened: 1904

A restored fishing warehouse, Hotel Brosundet is a Art Nouveau escape combining a charming nautical design with contemporary fixings. Situated in the small fishing and boating village of Ålesund, the property offers 47 guestrooms incorporating the original wooden floors and panels, and exposed brick exuding an authentic seaside experience.

Address: Apotekergata 5, Ålesund, Norway 6004
Nearby: Norangsfjord , Sunnmøre Alps, Slogen Summit, lighthouses