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Historic Hotels Worldwide® is a prestigious collection of more than 360 of the finest historic treasures, including many former castles, chateaus, palaces, academies, haciendas, villas, monasteries, and other historic lodging spanning ten centuries. Historic Hotels Worldwide recognizes authentic cultural treasures that demonstrate exemplary historic preservation and their inspired architecture, cultural traditions, and authentic cuisine.

  • Discover the Châteauesque architecture of this spectacular destination.


    Experience these Canadian historic hotels and the landmarks nearby to complete the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Discover the Belle Époque architecture of this seaside retreat.


    Discover the beauty of France at one of these historic hotels.

  • Discover the grand historical buildings that line the Maximilianstrasse nearby.


    Experience the various regions of Germany and their many historical sites.

  • Discover the 19th-century architecture that defines the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese.


    Discover a multitude of historical landmarks that inhabit the many regions of Italy.

  • Discover the Spanish Colonial architecture of this vacation retreat.


    Experience the rich culture of Mexico and discover its many splendors.

  • Discover the Swiss-inspired architecture of Losby Gods.


    Explore Scandinavian destinations and discover their breathtaking landscapes.

  • Discover the ancient Mauritius Spring at this fantastic historic hotel.


    Experience Switzerland and its stunning geography and many historic sites.

  • Discover the Edwardian architecture of this extraordinary holiday destination.

    United Kingdom

    Explore the United Kingdom and experience its rich culture and history.

  • Discover the Swiss-inspired architecture of the Dalen Hotel.


    Discover Nordic culture and experience the best that Northern Europe has to offer.

  • Discover the wonderful architecture of this spectacular holiday destination.

    Southeast Asia

    Discover the heritage and cultures of Southeast Asia.

  • Discover the magnificent Belle Époque architecture of this stunning holiday destination.

    The Alps

    Experience the breathtaking setting of the Alps, the highest mountain range of Europe.

  • Discover the soothing thermal spring of Santa Caterina at La Bagnaia.


    Explore Tuscany and its many cultural attractions and historic places of interest.

  • Discover the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture of this terrific historic hotel.


    Experience the beauty of the Yucatán with a stay at one of these historic hotels.

  • Discover the amazing historical architecture of the Saxenburg Room.


    Discover Amsterdam’s magnificent history and explore its many cultural institutions.

  • Discover the remarkable Spanish Colonial Revival architecture of the Villa Ganz Boutique Hotel.


    Discover and experience Guadalajara’s rich culture and history.

  • Discover the grand Victorian architecture of The Landmark London.


    Experience London’s history firsthand at these magnificent historic hotels.

  • Discover the seven inner courtyards that proliferate throughout San Clemente Palace Kempinski.


    Explore the many areas of Venice and discover a city rich in history and the arts.



    Explore Portugal and discover the history of one of Europe’s oldest countries.

      The Caribbean

    The Caribbean

    Discover The Caribbean's magnificent history and explore it's pristine beaches.

      Central & South America

    Central & South America

    Discover the vibrant history and culture of Central and South America through these historic hotels.

  • Discover the historic architecture of The K Club’s exclusive hotel, the Straffan House.


    Explore the beauty and Gaelic heritage that abounds in Ireland.

  • Discover the grand Habsburg-era architecture of the Kempinski Palace Portorož.


    Discover and explore historic places, UNESCO World Heritage cities, and sites along the Mediterranean.

  • Discover the amazing Art Nouveau architecture of this stunning hotel.


    Discover the many cultural attractions in Paris at one of these historic hotels.