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• Discover the rich heritage of the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. During the first few decades the hotel’s existence, the “invited guests” would ascend the limestone steps to the East Garden. Their presence would then be announced by the staff, followed by rounds of applause from the guests attending "welcome tea" in the space.

• Marvel at the construction of the hotel itself, which is essentially a five-story castle built in the 1880s. Irish stonemasons cut and stacked 18-inch thick limestone blocks to construct the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. The blocks themselves were quarried about 10 miles away near the White River and brought to the site by horse-drawn wagons. Visitors will notice that due to settling, there is now mortar between the blocks.

• Admire the hotel's unique folklore. Some of the most fascinating tales concern the late 1930s, in which charlatan Norman Baker operated a hospital on the grounds. Originally from Muscatine, Iowa, Baker had called his facility, "Baker's Cancer Curing Hospital." Most of the hotel's guests are said to have originated from the era, as many patients died from Baker's fraudulent cures. In fact, the basement once partially served as the hospital's moruge.

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