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  • Discover the heritage of Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn, whose fascinating story intertwines with the founding of the United States. Touted as "America's Oldest Inn," the Beekman Arms has been in continuous operation since 1766, boasting a front-row seat to history. Men like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benedict Arnold, and Philip Schuyler dined, drank, and slept here during the American Revolution, when the inn was known as Bogardus Tavern. And later, when the nation was still new, that very same tavern is said to have witnessed the quarrel that led to the fateful duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr. To wit, a stay at Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn is to be immersed in a piece of American history.

  • Uncover the Beekman Arms' humble beginnings as a simple traveler's inn, the Traphagen Tavern. Established in 1704 by William Traphagen, the inn sat at the crossroads of the small Dutch community, then known as Ryn Beck. In 1766, the Beekman Arms as it stands today was brought into existence with the expansion of the original business and its transformation into the Bogardus Tavern. The inn would eventually take on its current name, Beekman Arms, in reference to the Beekman family, who were among the first British landowners to settle in the Hudson Valley upon the building's debut.

  • Admire the dueling architectural styles of the Beekman Arms and Delamater Inn. Constructed in 1766, Beekman Arms is a brilliant example of the American colonial style, simple and symmetrical with handsome pillars lining its front. Inside, its strong oak beams and broad plank floors look much like they have for more than 200 years. Meanwhile, the nearby American Carpenter Gothic-style Delamater Inn, with its steeply pitched gabled roof trimmed with gingerbread-houselike bargeboard (alternatively known as vergeboard), offers a whimsical juxtaposition to the stateliness of the Beekman Arms. Designed by renowned architect Alexander Jackson Davis and built in 1844, the Delamater Inn stands as one of the finest examples of American Gothic residences still in existence today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Be added to the impressive guest list of Beekman Arms & Delamater Inn, a who's who of Founding Fathers, American politicians, U.S. presidents and vice presidents, business tycoons, celebrities, singers, athletes, astronauts, and more. An astounding number of influential figures and famous faces have not only stayed at the historic inn through the years. They also made history there. American revolutionaries like George Washington found solace at the inn throughout the war. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr fought there, an argument that would lead to Hamilton's untimely demise. American author Thomas Wolfe spent leisurely days there, planting the seeds for what would become his 1935 novel, Of Time and the River. Another frequent guest, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt even concluded each of his four political campaigns for governor and president from the the Beekman Arms' front porch.

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