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Which historic hotel has hosted official Presidential Inaugural Balls for George W. Bush, Reagan, Johnson, Nixon, Kennedy, and Eisenhower?

This historic hotel has a long standing history with U.S. Presidents throughout its history. First known to guests at the Statler Hotel, it has played host to a wealth of prominent gatherings, cementing its identity as one of Washington D.C.’s most notable hotel entities throughout history. Presidents, dignitaries, celebrities, and queens have graced The Capital Hilton with their presence, beckoning guests to delight in the hotel’s esteemed accommodations. Since the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, each United States president has made it a point to stay at The Capital Hilton and continue decades of unfettered tradition. Throughout the years, The Capital Hilton has not only accommodated influential world leaders, but the property has also been the site for a vast number of historical events. Inaugural Balls, private presidential interviews for vice presidential candidates, and presidential visits have all been held at The Capital Hilton. The hotel was the first to construct an official Presidential Holding Room, now known as the Continental Room, for the president to engage in private conversations. Important moments throughout history have occurred infinitely at The Capital Hilton, as its exquisite legacy continues to thrive today.

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