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Over the years, the Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel, has built a considerable reputation for being one of the most haunted places in California. From reports of phantom elevators to eerie disembodied voices, the resort has been the source of countless paranormal tales for generations. Of all the stories, the most spooky involve the fourth floor. And even then, one room in particular seems to attract the most activity—Room 442. Noises fill the space at times like a cacophony, confusing guests immensely as to their point of their origin. One couple has even alleged that the sounds made the room seem as if they were sleeping in an active construction zone. They simply ignored the ruckus as best they could, assuming that the work was being done in the rooms opposite of theirs. When the two addressed the event with the staff the following day, they were stunned to learn that both of the spaces had been—and still were—completely vacant!

Additional stories abound throughout the Claremont Club & Spa about the spirits of children. One such tale pertains to a six-year-old girl. While no one exactly knows why her ghost haunts the hotel, all who encounter her admit that she is rather peaceful. According to legend, the girl enjoys sitting at the edge of a person’s bed while lightly touching them as they sleep. It’s all meant as a simple way of saying “hello.” Others have reported hearing the sounds of a little girl laughing throughout the resort’s corridors in the middle of the night. When guests have thrown open their doors, they chillingly find no one. Additional reports concern the ghost of a baby. For instance, several athletes once stopped by for the night at the Claremont Club & Spa. They attempted to unlock the room to their suite, only to notice that the door was jammed. As one of the athletes contacted the concierge, the rest continued to try to get inside. Yet, they immediately stopped once they heard strange noises emanate from room. Even more odd, the athletes said that they could even hear the sound of a baby chattering. In the end, the guests thought it was best to reserve another space somewhere else within the resort.

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