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Shrimp and grits are a southern staple and a tradition in the Lowcountry. Originally a breakfast item made for fishermen, this dish has been on the menu at the Francis Marion Hotel for over 20 years. Shrimp and grits was particularly popular during shrimp season, which runs from May through December. Today, this award-winning dish can be found at the Swamp Fox Restaurant thanks to Executive Chef Simon Andrew, who tweaked this regional and historic dish into the beloved one served today. Using local shrimp as well as regionally local grits from Adluh Mills, located in Columbia, South Carolina, the hotel chef is sure to source locally produced products for this historic dish.


  • 12+ Large Peeled & De-Veined Shrimp
  • 6 oz. Cured Ham (or Andouille Sausage)
  • 1/2 Red Pepper
  • 1/2 Yellow Pepper
  • 1/2 Green Pepper
  • 1/3 Onion
  • 12 oz. Rich Shrimp Stock or Lobster Stock
  • 8 oz. Double Cream
  • 2 oz. Olive Oil
  • Cooked Stone Ground White Grits with Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese (Prepare half of the 1lb. Bag of Adluh Grits, yields approximately 20 oz.)
  • Sliced Scallions  and Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese for Garnish

Prepare grits as specified on package (1-1.5 hours). Add pepper jack cheese to taste. Dice ham or sausage. Slice peppers and onion to a thin julienne. Sauté ham or sausage in olive oil, add shrimp and sauté until they change color. Add stock and simmer until liquid is reduced in half. Add peppers, onions, double cream and simmer until liquid is reduced in half again. (Estimated cook time: 15 minutes) When the shrimp are cooked through spoon over hot grits and garnish with shredded cheese and scallions. This recipe yields six portions.

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