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Over the years, the Hassayampa Inn has developed a reputation as an active haunt. Most of its paranormal tales involve a ghost that many have called “Faith.” Legend has it that in 1927, “Faith” and her newlywed husband checked into the Hassayampa Inn on their honeymoon. On their first night, her beloved husband left to supposedly purchase a pack of cigarettes. Oddly enough, he never returned. After waiting for nearly three days, “Faith” passed away of a broken heart. But many say that “Faith” never left the grounds. Instead, her spirit returned to the Hassayampa Inn, where she continued to lament the loss of her husband. Many tales today abound of how disembodied crying occurs throughout the inn, as well as the strange disappearance of random objects. The staff themselves have specifically reported that “Faith” has occasionally turned off the gas burners in the kitchen! Some people have even recalled encountering her actual spirit in the form of a translucent shadow donned in a pink gown. In a few rare circumstances, “Faith” has been seen holding a bouquet of flowers. Perhaps the most frequent sightings of “Faith” have occurred in Grand Balcony Suite 426. In one fascinating story, an employee remembered how a wreath hung on the suite’s door suddenly fell off following some hard knocking that had come from inside the room. When the man thrust opened the door, he was astonished to find no one inside. Another time, a couple staying in the suite were rudely awakened at three in the morning when the radio and television both turned on at full volume. Furthermore, they were surprised to find all the lights and water facets completely turned on, too!

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