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Discover the Hotel on Phillips, which was originally the Sioux Falls National Bank Building.

Hotel Phillips Sioux Falls was constructed during the international conflict of 1914 to 1918, where the Central Powers battled the Entente for global dominance.

Listed on the National Register for Historic Places, Hotel Phillips was originally the Sioux Falls National Bank Building. Yearning for a place to do business that could properly reflect its local prestige, the bank’s leading officers decided to create a new headquarters in 1917. Selecting a lot in downtown Sioux Falls near the Big Sioux River, the bank hired the architectural firm Weary & Almond to construct the building. The lead architect for the project was Oscar Wentworth, a former director of the Office of the Supervising Architect of the United States Government. With help from the contracting company Pike & Cook, Wentworth spent the next year developing the nine-story skyscraper with designs inspired by the architectural aesthetics of the visionary John Sullivan. The building today stands as the only remaining example of this unique brand of architecture—known as Sulluvanesque—in all of Sioux Falls.

Debuting before a frenzied crowd of 10,000 people in 1918, the bank became an immediate icon throughout the city. Many of the building’s earliest patrons were amazed by its structural beauty, as well as its then-cutting-edge amenities. Guests discovered countless stunning facilities inside, like high-speed electric elevators, a cigar stand, and central heating. The building even featured several advanced security measures for its time, such as a massive vault protected with a 16-ton steel doorway. Numerous local businesses vied to work within the upper floors of the location, including doctors, lawyers, and insurance agencies. This popularity among the city’s business community endured well into the mid-twentieth century, in spite of both the Great Depression and World War II.

The National Bank of South Dakota eventually replaced the Sioux Falls National Bank as the primary occupant in 1924. Despite the presence of the new bank and its wealth of smaller tenants, the building began to fall into a period of decline during the 1960s. A mass exodus from the location ensued, culminating with the relocation of the National Bank of South Dakota in 1965. Western State Bank fortunately saved the structure a decade later, subjecting it to a much-needed renovation. That bank continued to operate from the edifice until the start of twenty-first century. The building experienced yet another thorough rehabilitation in 2017, when Kelly Inns acquired the erstwhile bank. After completing a two-year-long restoration, Kelly Inns reopened the historical structure as the Hotel Phillips in 2019.

  • About the Architecture +
    " At the time it was built, it was the tallest building in South Dakota. One hundred years later, in 2018, Hotel On Phillips began its restoration and transformation into an upscale chic boutique hotel featuring 90 unique and elegant guest rooms along with many luxury suites. The hotel lobby portrays historical charm and grace. When stepping into the lobby, you are taken back to the era of the early 1900’s with its' original historical designs. The lobby boasts high fluted columns and houses its' original chandeliers. The beautifully designed dentil tray ceilings feature rosettes and Greek Key design. Centered in the lobby as its' main focal point, stands the original Bank Vault with its' 16-ton door and 24-3 inch bolts. The Bank Vault has been opened up and transformed as the walk-through entrance into the lounge – The Treasury. This bank vault is lined with Vanadium Steel along with additional safes inside the vault. Our lounge, The Treasury, is graced with tall columns, a grand chandelier and an original Terazzo Floor. The Mezzanine overlooking the lobby, showcases skylights, seating areas, a business center, a fitness center, Josiah's Library, and Hattie’s Parlour."
  • About the location +
    "Hotel On Phillips is located at 100 N. Phillips Avenue which is Sioux Falls’ heart and soul of the city! Phillips Avenue has an eclectic array of quaint retail stores, upscale restaurants and upbeat lounges in Historical Downtown. The hotel also enjoys the views and sights and sounds of the Big Sioux River and its' riverfront continues to grow with more activity each year. The downtown ARC of DREAMS… coming soon… Is a massive stainless steel sculpture that will span across the Big Sioux River downtown nearly the length of a football field between 6th and 8th streets. At the center of the Arc of Dreams is a 18-foot gap, 70 feet above the river, representing the leap of faith dreamers take to see their dreams come true."

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