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  • Explore the Hangar 25 Air Museum, where retired veterans and civil service employees trade memories of the hangar's glory days with visitors. In its past lives, the hangar was home to the Big Spring Bombardier School in World War II and later, from 1952 to 1977, part of the Webb Air Force Base, seeing more than 10,000 trainees pass through its doors on their path to become pilots. Today, guests can enjoy the seven decades of American military aircraft that reside at this amazing cultural institution.

  • Wander through the Bush Family Home State Historic Site in neighboring Midland. This humble abode was once the home of former U.S. presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush from 191 to 1955 and was purchased by the family for only $9,000. Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 2004, this residence-turned-museum has been restored to its appearance during the Bush family's occupancy, from its "knotty pine" wall paneling to its original cabinets and hardware.

  • Visit the Big Spring State Park, which was created by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934 and 1935. Extending for some 382 acres, this ruggedly beautiful expanse of arid plains terrain is popular among outdoor enthusiasts for its wealth of tranquil hiking trails. While there, be sure to take in the view from the top of the park's 200-foot bluff, which offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding area.

  • Pay a visit to the spring that gave Big Spring, Texas, its name. Located in Comanche Trail Park, this natural landmark, one of the most significant of its kind in the state, is overflowing with history. Once a watering hole for prehistoric creatures like saber-toothed tigers, wooly mammoths, and mastodons, it later became a playground, of sorts, for the area's Comanche people, who would swim in the spring's waters and enjoy the beautiful views.

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