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• Sample the “Tastes of West Chester” while relaxing in the Marquee Bar & Lounge at the Hotel Warner. Sit back, enjoy a beverage, and sample select items freshly delivered from West Chester’s many nearby cafés, restaurants, and pubs, including the most popular items from Spence Café, Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant, and Buddy’s Burgers.

• Delight in a delicious meal that's also healthy. Try the organic farm-to-table options at Roots Café, where the menu changes with the seasons. Everything is made in-house and from locally sourced produce and proteins whenever possible. Roots Café has meals for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters too.

• Indulge in a special treat at Yori’s Church Street Bakery. At Yori’s the baking is done on the premises, guaranteeing the freshest products. Plus, all items are made from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients and made fresh seven days a week. Yori’s also delivers. Or travel to the treats at D’Ascenzo’s Gelato, not only for their delicious gelato and fresh roasted coffee, but for their passion for using fresh ingredients and turning them into the best desserts.

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