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  • Discover the bold character and captivating interiors of this repurposed power plant. History buffs will love the main Power Plant building, which was an actual energy plant that powered Savannah and its environs from 1912 until the mid-1950s. Guests can learn more about the structure’s past life and restoration by checking out the displays and audio clips available in the lobby. Leaning into its history as a fossil fuel plant, the Power Plant building is outfitted with installations that channel the Jurassic period, including fossils and oversized geodes; a prehistoric tortoise shell; an Ice Age bear skeleton; the world’s largest nugget of copper; and a 135-ft chrome-dipped dinosaur statue of Amphicoelias fragillimus, lovingly named Miss Chromina Joule.

  • Delight in the elegant surroundings of the Three Muses building. Polished marble and classic European design define this intimate escape, adorned with whimsical art and glamorous décor. On the ground floor, guests can admire the artwork at Savion Gallery, purchase award-winning jewelry at Reubel Fine Jewelry, and indulge in some retail therapy at September’s Closet and J.Parker LTD. Head to the roof for exceptional views of Savannah at the secret Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Garden. Inspired by the flowers used in the crowns often worn by muses in classical mythology, this rooftop garden and botanical bar is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Retreat to the riveting ambiance of the Atlantic building at JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District. Inspired by a bespoke journey aboard a luxury yacht at sea, this building is home to the hotel’s live music venue – District Live powered by Live Nation – and the hotel’s rooftop pool. The Atlantic’s maritime concept continues into the Salzburg Ballroom, which takes guests from “sea to land” and features large-scaled velvet draperies, representing the sails of Salzburg ships arriving in Savannah in the 1730s. Every piece of art hanging in the halls and guestrooms of the Atlantic is an original by Shane Pendley, commissioned to showcase the intriguing beauty of maritime adventures.

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