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  • Discover the fascinating industrial history of Ledges Hotel. Housed in the former J.S. O'Connor American Rich Cut Glassware Factory, this distinctive bluestone building was given new life in the 1980s when it was first transformed into an inn. In its heyday, during the country's "Brilliant Period" of glass cutting between 1880 and 1906, O'Connor's glass factory was one of the most important of its kind in the United States, producing dazzling pieces with designs like Parisian, Florentine, and Princess. However, cut glass wasn't the only thing produced in the building. The building also did stints as a textile factory, weaving silks and, during World War II, nylon for parachutes and yarn for uniform emblems. Remnants of the original silk mill trusses are even used still today, creatively repurposed as furnishings.

  • Revel in the creative spirit of the region by taking in the hotel's gallery-like atmosphere. As the site of a former glass factory that specialized in intricately cut designs, it is only appropriate that Ledges Hotel carries that artistic tradition by showcasing pieces by area artists. From paintings and pastels to sculptures and photographs, Ledges Hotel features locally created artwork around every corner. Not only are these pieces able to be enjoyed during a stay, but many are also available for purchase, allowing guests to take a piece of the Poconos back home with them.

  • Be awed by the hotel's stunning natural setting. Perched over the Wallenpaupack Creek at the foot of the Paupack High Falls, Ledges Hotel boasts a breathtaking backdrop that is sure to impress. The hotel takes its name and design cues from the natural stone ledges that line the river gorge and support the falls, integrating harmoniously with its beautiful surroundings and allowing the magnificent views to take center stage. Multi-tier decks and a comfortable Great Room overlooking the falls make for the perfect places to take in rushing water as it cascades through Hawley toward the Lackawaxen River.

  • Marvel at the hotel's striking architecture and adaptive design. Rising three stories above Wallenpaupack Creek, Ledges Hotel cuts an imposing figure. Crafted out of handsome bluestone, with decorative cornices and nearly 100 pediment windows, the hotel's design is evocative of Federal architecture, a style that flourished during the formative years of the United States. During its construction and years as a glass factory, the building was also considered an engineering marvel, utilizing hydroelectric power gleaned from the creek that flows directly behind the property. Today, the hotel's exterior spaces blend seamlessly with the surroundings while paying homage to the building's history, immersing guests in both abundant natural beauty and rich heritage.

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