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• Discover the Spanish Colonial style façade of the Omni La Costa Resort. The white stucco exterior and terracotta roof of this historic resort is the realization of Merv Adelson's vision of a hotel in the valley, and was conceived as a place where “every member of the family could play and live all year round in great style."

• Discover the historic spa of the Omni La Costa Resort. La Costa was the first American resort to offer a full-service spa, which was considered to be the largest and best-equipped spa in the world. The acclaimed La Costa Lifestyle distinguished the resort and defined a new standard of luxury vacations, as guest well-being was at the heart of the resort experience. Admire the blue mosaic pedestal of the fountain outside the entrance to the spa, which is the focal point of the courtyard.

• Discover the historic accommodations of the Omni La Costa Resort, which reflect the beauty of the surrounding area through its blue and terracotta furnishings. Enjoy breathtaking views of the courtyard or the legendary golf courses, or stay in a luxurious villa and enjoy a fireplace and a private patio or balcony. La Costa was the go-to spot for the Hollywood elite and political leaders in the 1970s.
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