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Discover the St James Hotel which offers guests the same blend of Old World service, luxurious amenities, and culinary delights that it provided when it debuted in the 1870s.

St. James Hotel MN was constructed at a time when the United States was defined by great economic prosperity, industrial expansion, and significant social reform.

The St. James Hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota was born out of economic prosperity and necessity in order to house the wheat merchants of the late 1800s. Red Wing, which, due to its location on the Mississippi River, became the largest primary market for wheat in the early 1870s and the town's business leaders took it upon themselves to build the St. James Hotel, along with a few other hotels, to handle the influx of business-related customer traffic and celebrate the economic prosperity of their town, Red Wing, Minnesota.

This historic Red Wing, Minnesota hotel opened on Thanksgiving Day in 1875. The Italianate building was a modern marvel at the time it was built as it featured steam heat, hot and cold running water, and a state-of-the-art kitchen. The landmark St. James Hotel became a hub for social activity almost over night and the railroads even adjusted their schedules to allow passengers to dine at the restaurants at the St. James. President Rutherford B. Hayes even gave a speech from the Veranda and sampled their famous cuisine.

The wheat industry began to decline as early as 1878, a mere three years after the opening of the St. James Hotel, however, other industrial developments quickly took the place of the wheat market in Red Wing, due to the combination of its river port location and other natural resources.

In 1977, the St. James Hotel was purchased by the Red Wing Shoe Company and renovated. They added a shopping courtyard and an addition to the building that increased space for offices and hotel rooms. In 2010, an additional suite, The Ironworks Flat, was added and is located in the old Red Wing Iron Works building and is a fully furnished apartment offering luxury, modern comforts, and a spectacular view of the Mississippi River.

  • About the Architecture +

    "Architects from the Minnesota firm of E.P. Bassford outfitted the four-story Italianate structure in grand style with handsome furnishings, Brussels carpets in the lobby, and English velvet carpet in the second floor ladies’ parlor.

    The St. James Hotel opened on Thanksgiving Day, 1875 after a group of 11 civic-minded businessmen recognized the need for a first-class lodging establishment in Red Wing, the wheat-trading center of the world at that time."

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