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• Discover the history and architecture of The American Club. Set in a brick, Tudor Revival-style 1918 building that once served as a dormitory for immigrant workers at Kohler Company, The American Club was named in the hope that it would be a factor in instilling a patriotic love among its first inhabitants.

• Stroll through the hotel and get an intimate glimpse the original American Club historical spirit. The oak-paneled hallways are hung with pictures of more simple, bygone days. The 100-foot flagpole and American flag are just where they were in 1918. In 1981, The American Club was rededicated as an elegant hotel that is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

• Admire the lush gardens of The American Club. The seeds for the gardens of Kohler were planted in 1913 when Walter J. Kohler, Sr., traveled to Europe to study garden cities. He then worked with the Olmsted brothers, whose landscape firm designed Central Park in New York City, to plan the green spaces that beautify the Village of Kohler and Kohler Company campus—the first of two 50-year master plans.
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