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• Explore the heritage of the Kentucky Derby at the Kentucky Derby Museum. Enjoy the 360-degree video presentation of The Greatest Race and see all the pageantry and fun of Derby Day. The Kentucky Derby Museum is one of the premiere attractions in the Louisville region, celebrating the tradition, history, hospitality, and pride of the world-renowned event that is the Kentucky Derby.

• Visit the Muhammad Ali Center and witness an inspirational tribute to the world’s favorite boxing legend. Shadow box with the champ, watch legendary boxing clips in a model ring, and be inspired by the ideals of one of the world’s most celebrated athletes and humanitarians. A visit to the center is not just an experience, but a journey into the heart of a champion. Learn about Muhammad Ali and his significant impact on the world and how he inspired so many along the way.

• Travel to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory on a guided tour through the factory where world-famous Louisville Sluggers are created. Admire the world’s biggest bat at six stories tall. Enjoy the Bat Vault tour where batters can put on gloves and hit with replica bats of legends like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Derek Jeter.
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