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  • Stay in a piece of natural history at this lakeside hideaway in New York’s Catskills. When construction began on the “Hotel Monoquaga,” as it was called in its early years, the waterfront retreat was crafted almost entirely out of lumber from the American chestnut. Once known as the “Redwood of the East” due to how large it could grow, the arboreal giant has since been declared functionally extinct due to blight, though some surviving chestnuts and root systems remain. While efforts are being made to restore the trees, a former keystone species in eastern forests, to their former glory, guests staying at the appropriately named Chestnut Inn can appreciate their strength and beautiful grain in the original woodwork that continues to grace the Inn’s expansive lobby, grand staircase, and cozy lounge.

  • Walk in the footsteps of the IBM engineers who had a hand in the first-ever moon landing. In the late 1960s, the Hotel Monoquaga, as it was then called, was used as a tranquil retreat for the engineers working on the Apollo 11 spaceflight. Thanks to the Catskill hideaway’s seclusion and convenient location not far from IBM’s office in nearby Greater Binghamton, New York, the Inn served as an intellectual haven for the team as they worked to resolve a problem involving the orbit plan for the lunar module.

  • Admire the American Craftsman architecture of The Chestnut Inn. Popularized by American interior designer Gustav Stickley, the style is known for its expert construction, natural building materials, hand-crafted details, open and inviting layout, and emphasis on comfort and utility. Today, guests can still enjoy the handiwork of the team of carefully selected craftsmen who machined everything onsite those many years ago. Just like many American Craftsman structures, the heart of the Inn is its massive stone fireplace in the lobby, which warmly welcomes guests with crackling, four-foot logs.

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