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The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge features a variety of spa treatments in a serene relaxing space that is decorated with accents from the surrounding land and ocean. Guests are asked to make a wish for themselves at the start of their treatments and focus on both physical and mental rejuvenation throughout their time at the spa.

The Beach House Spa boutique offers local body care products, organic skincare lines, cozy loungewear and clothing, accessories, and home décor to take home.

The Beach House Signature Experiences
The four signature packages offered by The Beach House Spa utilize the best natural ingredients from the region to deliver services that will leave guests feeling refreshed and relaxed. From massages to hydrating treatments, these experiences are designed to maximize results and restore a natural glow.

Manicures and Pedicures
There are two manicure and pedicure options at the Beach House Spa – the Skinny Dip, which is an express option, and the Seaside, which is a more indulgent hour-long experience. Both include sea salt soaks and nail care, as well as the application of long-lasting polish.

Performance Skincare
Four different types of facials are offered at The Beach House Spa, each with its own set of techniques and desired results. They all feature ingredients that are locally sourced, and no matter which facial is selected, guests will leave with hydrated and refreshed skin.

Guests can book a large variety of waxing services at The Beach House Spa, including eyebrow clean up, legs, and more.

The massages at The Beach House Spa are completely customized by the expert therapists and further enhanced with the power of aromatherapy with 98% organic oils infused with biodynamic flower essences to boost relaxation and joy.

Guests can indulge in body treatment services which include scrubs, massages, and products that restore and hydrate the skin.

Men’s Zone
The Beach House Spa has a selection of service specifically designed for men, which include a manicure, pedicure, facial, and massage services.

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