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  • One of my favorite spots in USA with an exception

    One of my favorite spots in USA with an exception

    by Kbw1977 on 2021-05-14 04:09 am

    The Grove Park Inn in Asheville is one of the most beautiful hotels I've stayed in. From the moment you pull up, it takes your breath away. We've always had amazing customer service from the bellman to the wait staff, everyone is always wonderful. The area that is lacking is the mattress, pillows, and bedding. The rooms have such charm having been built so long ago but it feels like the bedding and mattress may also have been from an era long ago. The Grove Park is a luxury hotel with luxury prices but the bed/bedding doesn't live up to that. The mattress is not plush, the pillows are flat and the bedding is pilly. It makes what could be an exceptional hotel into a pretty good one. Outside of that, it is a stunning place that I will still return to even if they don't upgrade the beds. Most recently, we stayed in the old building and had the most amazing views. We booked months out and were able to get a reservation at the Sunset Terrace but we never able to get a spa appointment, unfortunately. Therefore, we ended up spending a lot of time at the Biltmore, particularly at the Antler Hill Village which was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed the free wine tasting and the highlight was the Falconry experience with Jeff and Sam. It was unforgettable!

  • Awkward interactions w staff and poor customer experience

    Awkward interactions w staff and poor customer experience

    by 747adventureb on 2021-05-13 01:06 pm

    Made a last minute res. here and arrived for late check-in. In-take was smooth, went straight to the bar for a cocktail to enjoy the views. First bar, which was full of ppl and appeared to be serving, said they "were closed." Couldn't make one drink for us? Asked if we could sit and enjoy the views...NO. Reservations only -- lots of empty tables. Go to the next front of house restaurant. Closed but we can hurry to the bar. Bartender, very begrudgingly took our order. Took our drinks to front of house restaurant...may we sit and drink and enjoy the view? "NO. Reservations only" -- lots of empty tables. Walked down two levels to the "complimentary seating area" to enjoy the drinks and view. When we were done a waiter, holding an empty round tray, walked by us. We asked "may we give you our empty glasses. "No. You bring them to the bar." Next day we went to the front of the house and restaurant for lunch and cocktails. After asking for a seat for two (they had empty tables) the reservationist said they were booked. She did even look at the reservations for open tables and provide us with a potential alternative time. She said we could "go to the complimentary seating area for apps." The server there WAS friendly. Overall, we felt uncomfortable in an atmosphere that felt stressed and very much like the employees didn't want to be there.

  • Our 62nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    Our 62nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration

    by nancygW3573AH on 2021-05-10 11:55 am

    Our first impression was wonderful as we drove up to the beautiful hotel. What wasn't pleasant was the room we were given #525 in the charming historic wing. So very small, bare bones amenities, one very small window that needed a step stool to see out of. This room should not be used for guest of The Grove Park Inn, a linen closet would be a good use for it.
    My husband and I immediately called the front desk and told them that we couldn't stay in the room. We were immediately assigned a lovely room with a beautiful view that we enjoyed for the remainder of our stay.
    We were given a lovely bottle of wine and candy in celebration of our anniversary. We very much appreciated that kind gesture. We had dinner in the wonderful restaurant and the lovely buffet breakfast in the morning. The weather was great and we enjoyed our time there.

  • Sunset Terrace for Dinner was Amazing!!

    Sunset Terrace for Dinner was Amazing!!

    by Craig O on 2021-05-09 08:38 am

    Coming from Michigan to visit the Biltmore Estate for my wife's birthday and I wanted to have a romantic dinner for her to celebrate her 50th. I read reviews on many sites that were all over the place from Excellent to Overrated. I had an 8:30pm reservation at the Sunset Terrace but to be safe I had a reservation at Ruth Chris which is one of our favorite restaurants. I told my wife I read mixed reviews on the Sunset Terrace and that I booked Ruth Chris just to be safe. I allowed her to choose and she reminded me that we could drive an hour and visit our favorite Ruth Chris but we don't get a chance to try something new. Let me tell you, the experience was amazing! From the warm greeting at the host stand to our amazing server Chelsea who took time to explain the dinner experience and answer all of our questions on the menu. She also was an amazing photographer and helped us get some keepsake pictures of our experience. We split a New York strip that was cooked perfectly! Fingerling Potato's that were delicious, we split a Iceburg wedge salad with amazing Blue Cheese and Bacon and I had a crabcake to go with my half of the steak. The drinks were mixed to perfection as my wife had Mojito's and I had Tito's and Tonic. They brought my wife a nice choclate dessert for her birthday which she enjoyed but what we really loved was the warm Apple Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream!! Our food was excellent, the service was excellent and the view were priceless.

  • Quaint it Ain't!!

    Quaint it Ain't!!

    by kirstenb794 on 2021-05-04 01:48 pm

    My Husband surprised me with a weekend stay at this iconic resort as a Valentines gift. Yay, lucky me! We arrived in late April for a long weekend. Not the resorts fault, but be aware that Uber is pretty non existent at Asheville Airport. We were very fortunate to find a lovely driver called Leroy Bray - but there were tales of travelers not so lucky arriving at the airport and waiting hours for transportation!!!! Note for travelers, Grove Park Inn does NOT have a shuttle service or town car....
    Anyway, we arrived and the first thing that strikes you as the resort comes into vision is the stunning hotel and vista. It is themed on its construction period. We will call it "1913 Posh Mountain Retreat".....You enter this enormous lobby and it reminded me of going to Universal, not only because it was strongly themed with random vignettes from the 30s and cavernous in size, but also THE CROWDS! For someone who has been pretty cloistered during Covid this was a shock. We discovered there was a conference going on that weekend and also a wedding. It was clear that this place was at full capacity... The staff appeared generally tired and the hotel furnishings and lighting looked quite frankly past retirement. We were shown to our room and that's when things went from "quaint to ain't"....I can best describe our room as a 1930s themed horror movie jail cell. The ceiling was high and vaulted, but that was the only large thing in the room - the window was raised and small and you had to stand on tippy toes to even see the tree tops (I'm 5 foot 9). Below that was the parking lot if you were curious enough to stand on a chair to find out. The furnishings were "English boarding school spartan". And the bathroom was a code enforcer's nightmare: There was an 8 inch step up into the bathroom which meant that most had trouble not banging their head on the low door frame. The hotel had thought of a solution for this and stapled padded foam to the top of the door frame I KID YOU NOT! (This was a common theme on the common area stairs as well but I digress). The shower was positioned under a low lying diagonal beam right where your head should be, the shower unit was placed in a small slope backed bath not intended to work with a shower so you were in danger of slipping down hill and basically knocking your head on the low lying get what I'm describing...Just whatever you do get soap in your eyes! .Needless to say, we were unimpressed but dropped our bags and optimistically soldiered on to experience the resort....
    Not so fast.....EVERYTHING was fully booked.....the spa was fully booked all weekend, and the only way we were offered an "opportunity" to experience the spa was to buy the very last two available random treatments (one treatment each to gain us both access) for $450...Ermmm no thanks! Note to other travelers - spa day passes were not available to buy during our stay! Its fine to say that services are reduced due to Covid, but when the resort is clearly packed (no restaurant reservations available either) I smell a rat.
    So then we tried to have a drink on the beautiful sunset terrace where we were told it is first come first served and they had full wait staff.....and unbelievably ACTUALLY SCORED AN AWESOME TABLE....Yay!.....Only to discover that this particular table did NOT have service and the only way we could score drinks was to climb two flights of steep stone steps, go inside, line up with the throngs, buy two drinks in GLASS, and then go back outside and totter down the aforementioned stone steps....what could possibly go wrong?! At that point I was wondering what kind of liability insurance this resort carried to be so brazen with their guest. Or maybe my Husband had increased my insurance....I don't know....But anyway, there I was enjoying a glass of wine finally enjoying the famous vista....unscathed despite the odds. The rest of the weekend was "fine". We enjoyed the short sunset trail (about 1 mile) with the frequent bear warning signs. We toured the sports complex (which was nice and empty. A pity they don't think to put a bar in there). We enjoyed the ample buffet breakfast at the Blue Ridge restaurant (this place is DEF for high quantity eaters...I'll say no more on that). And we enjoyed reading the little historic artifact vignettes installed throughout the resort (I highly recommend the resort removes the pink gown in a glass case worn by a guest who flung herself from the balcony located near our room). We ended up extracting a pretty good experience despite our grim room and absent facilities.
    Back at home....It turns out that my Husband was sent a quality survey yesterday, and most unlike him, he did fill it out. He is a highly trained professional non-complainer and I was very surprised!. Unfortunately he received a standard, "oh poor you, better luck next time". email in response. He will probably never complain again, but not so his Wife.
    Reader, if you are still with me I commend your staying power. In short, this hotel is stunning and unique in many ways, both good and bad. If you have the disposable income to roll the dice on a stay here, it may be worth it....or not!

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