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  • Beautiful Hotel and Location

    Beautiful Hotel and Location

    by Taste_40 on 2021-03-01 08:11 am

    This was our first time staying at the Grove Park Inn, we live in Greenville, SC and have heard many people talk about it. The hotel itself is beautiful with the lobby and it's fireplaces being a center point. The Blueridge mountain views from the hotel grounds and our room were fantastic.
    The service was great and I have no complaints about any of the individuals that we came into contact with
    My wife loved the spa and the time she spent there, I wasn't able to get an appointment
    Food and drink was good but expensive and not unexpected. It reminded me of the Disney experience.
    The only negative was the cleanliness of the room which was a disappointment. I made the staff aware upon checkout so hopefully that room gets a thorough cleaning.
    I would return for a couples spa experience but am undecided on if we'd stay.



    by starmoonlee on 2021-02-26 05:34 am

    Discriminates against health care professionals, wants you to quarantine 14 days prior to arrival from COVID patients or wants you to have a negative COVID test prior to arrival, but allows others with unknown exposure to enter Spa area with no issues, HEALTH CARE WORKERS BAN TOGETHER AND BOYCOTT.. Sadly disappointed
    Our shower had mildew/mold ,Drain in tub/shower slow to drain had to stand in water,same problem with sink slow to drain

  • Amazing Service

    Amazing Service

    by ncwithhighstandards on 2021-02-23 06:20 am

    I have visited the Grove Park several times and have always enjoyed the A+ service. We had a terrible night with rowdy neighbors on Monday night (driving into work with 4 hours of sleep). Grove Park staff went above and beyond to take care of us. They were prompt at sending security who politely addressed the loud guests around 10:30. Noise levels were low enough that we fell asleep but again woke up several hours later to the party again. Staff addressed this quickly again. During check-out staff also apologized and won our return visit because of how they handled the situation. Grove Park was my Christmas present from my significant other and a true treat for us. We are planning to return with friends and will continue to rave about the service. Staff earned forever loyal guests with this service.

  • Restaurant experience has changed for the worse

    Restaurant experience has changed for the worse

    by joefM4436BT on 2021-02-21 08:14 am

    My wife and I drove 2 hours to dine at the Grove Park Inn last night. The white tablecloths have been removed "due to Coronavirus" they said when I asked. (I did not ask for the logic in how a table cloth contributes to viral spread.) The lights we're not dim at all "due to Coronavirus" (so they could clean better they said). There was no audible music playing. A table of casually dressed people 12 feet from us appeared to be half drunk. Very loud, cackling patrons. I told the manager that the feel of the restaurant had now changed to more like a Chili's. I let them know I was disappointed that it was no longer a fine dining restaurant.

  • Outdated and Needs to Do Better

    Outdated and Needs to Do Better

    by TravelbugMama1 on 2021-02-16 12:06 am

    My husband and I have stayed at the Grove Park Inn multiple times before 2012. This week, we chose to bring our family here for Winter Break and could not be more disappointed.

    Our room is old and the carpets and bathroom tile are borderline disgusting. One of our mattresses is so old that it tilts downward in the middle and is exceptionally uncomfortable. Why would I pay to stay in a nasty bed that caused back pain?

    Every day, we have called ahead to the valet to have our car pulled around. Yet everyday, we've had to have our family stand outside in 30 degree weather while we ask again for valet to pull our car out. Today, the valet pulled around the wrong car and asked me to get in. This is a basic service.

    The cleaning of our room, which began as dirty has been abysmal. The housekeepers have done the bare minimum to keep the room clean. As a working mother, I choose to stay in a luxury hotel so that I don't have to carry that burden. Not true at the Grove Park Inn.

    The hotel does not have concierge services available at all M-Th, which is a basic service at any major hotel. And to top things off, I booked a hikers pedicure for my husband's birthday, had to rebook ski plans due to limited availability and when he went to the spa today, they had the wrong date booked.

    Our family travels all the time. We normally book Bonvoy properties because of their service, luxury and location. I can assure management that after this experience, we will NEVER stay at the Grove Park Inn again and will share our horrible experience with friends in Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando and elsewhere.

    What a disappointment this week has been.

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