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  • Anniversary vacation

    Anniversary vacation

    by Maryanne W on 2020-12-01 10:44 am

    This was our second trip to this wonderful took us 2 years to make it back and after several times of have to change the date due to Covid we finally made it and yes it is so worth it!
    First let me say the spa is worth every cent you spend. Not only is it beyond beautiful it is so relaxing and they make you feel like royalty. Please be sure to book your services a few months in advance to ensure you get what you want.
    The restaurants are a bit pricey but the food is wonderful and plentiful but you must also book those in advance. They really should mention that when booking because first timers have no idea how busy they can get and I've seen people upset because they have no car and no place to eat.
    We always prefer to stay in the main hotel when we go, I mean you want the old world charm to complete the whole experience. The beds are comfortable, the bathroom while small is lovely with the clawfoot tub to the pewter sink and ask for a mountain view room that sits right above the terraces so you will get an amazing view from your room.
    As far as the staff goes I cannot compliment them enough from the lovely young men who valet to the waitresses to the front desk. This was our second celebration of an anniversary and they gave us drink and appetizer coupons as a thank you for coming back. The first anniversary vacation we were surprised with chocolates and champagne in our room which was a wonderful surprise but times are different because of the virus but just to get a little token was so nice.
    We will continue to make this our special place every few years as we make the 11 hour trek from Florida.



    by Todd O on 2020-12-01 05:43 am

    We have been coming to the Grove Park Inn for nearly 20 years. We have stayed there for about a week at a time every other to every few years since 2001. We never really had any issue until the stay we just had this past November, 2020. The value we received paled in comparison vs the money we spent. This hotel is based on the pleasure of service and the premise to relax. You pay top dollar to do so and there was no relaxing in the college like atmosphere outside in the spa. Broken down facilities, dirty public spaces, unkept rooms and rude hotel staff (certainly not everyone, but far too many). There were mistakes made by staff and hotel services which is fine, but what was so horrible was the way these situations were handled and by the way we were treated. The GPI is known for premium service and that is not the case under this General Manager. The passive-aggressive demeanor / rude staff employee's, being scolded and harassed by employees for simply not having a mask on in an area where we are allowed to not have one on and being treated rudely by management. Yes, management! The staff of any retail or hospitality operation typically takes on the personality of the GM and in this case, that is fact! After numerous failed attempts to contact the GM, I was passed off to lower level supervisors before finally pressuring him to be a professional and talk to me himself. After years of loyalty and a myriad of issues during this stay, he was passive-aggressive and simply didn't care about the lack of value received from our visit. He was clear in saying that because HE felt that we did receive value and offered a passive-aggressive apology that that should be enough. He simply did not care! We will not be back as long as he is GM of that property! It has taken a steep downward turn. Buyer beware!

  • Amazing Place

    Amazing Place

    by Doctorworldtraveler on 2020-11-28 03:33 pm

    Gorgeous hotel and property! Amazing Christmas decorations and ambiance
    Great staff
    I would have given the hotel five stars, except their gym did not have any working water coolers, and did not provide their guests with free water during and aggressive their workout.

  • Cheap toilet paper and $15 for a hot cocoa

    Cheap toilet paper and $15 for a hot cocoa

    by JohnTiconderoga on 2020-11-27 02:39 am

    I was very disappointed that their Christmas decorations were not better for a four-star hotel. Most hotels do a much better job of decorating if they are a destinations hotel. We went there for two hours for lunch and it was $25 to park. Very disappointing. The day before we stayed there for $500 a night.

  • Grove Park is-MEH

    Grove Park is-MEH

    by 376lazyt on 2020-11-22 06:23 pm

    My husband and I had high hopes for this experience. It was THE GROVE PARK INN. It was suppose to be the ultimate experience. Sorry-- Not So. The rooms are ok. The service is hit or miss. It is really hard to actually to have dinner on the property. Book ahead-- Like months out or you will be contacting an Uber to find a place in town to eat which is limited also due to Covid restrictions. Not a fun experience. Don't anticipate just being able to enjoy the spa area and pool they promote. That is a long term plan experience. Good luck enjoying the patio deck to enjoy the money making view. Limited space and service. The best thing is sitting by the fireplace if you are lucky to get a chair. Sorry--just wanted to let you know the truth.

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