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In addition to its grand history, tranquil atmosphere, and world-class service, The Otesaga Hotel is also known for its many paranormal stories. The Atlantic Paranormal Society—otherwise known as “TAPS”— has even investigated the resort, filming their experiences during season six of their renowned series, Ghost Hunters. Over the years, guests and employees have both recounted dozens of tales about strange, unexplainable happenings inside the resort. One of the most common reported encounters involve the disembodied sound of children resonating throughout the third floor hallway. Patrons and staff alike have specifically reported hearing the giggles of young girls, as well as loud, hurried footsteps that pace throughout the corridor. Many suspect that the children were affiliated in some way wit the Knox School for Girls, which once operated inside The Otesaga Hotel for several years when it was closed for the winter. In some rare cases, people have even heard the feet shuffle all the way down to the front desk! People also say they hear more strange voices inside the resort’s famed Glimmerglass Room, too. And shadowy figures have been sighted up on the fifth floor, with many suspected of moving furniture and other massive objects. Some of those apparitions don period clothing from the early 20th century, and even walk hand-in-hand with one another from time to time. Sightings of the ghosts are even encountered within many of the guestrooms on the fifth floor, with the most regular occurrences characterized by muted talking. Fortunately, none of the supposed spirits are malevolent and usually keep to themselves. Whatever interactions they have had with anyone at The Otesaga Hotel are completely friendly in nature.

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