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The spirits at The Sayre Mansion have a mischievous nature. Employees and guests report experiencing tugs at their clothing that cannot be explained, as well as television sets that mysteriously turn off. A maintenance tech was alone repairing a toilet when a small washer suddenly disappeared and ended up across the room under the bathmat. It seems a playful ghost wanted to start a game of hide and seek! The standing theory is that these playful spirits are the ghosts of children, because the Sayre Mansion saw more than its fair share of tragedy in its early days.

The Sayre family moved into their Gothic Revival style Victorian mansion in Bethlehem’s prestigious Fountain Hill in 1858. Of the family's 12 children, eight survived to adulthood with six drawing their last breath at the family home. A paranormal investigation in 2019 detected supernatural activity in several areas around the mansion.

In 2021, the hotel decided All Hallows’ Eve (October 31) is a fitting occasion for the first-ever Paranormal Experience at The Sayre Mansion. The package includes an overnight stay and features a haunted tour and demonstration led by Lehigh Valley Paranormal Investigators. A four-course meal and cocktails served in the mansion’s lower level will be accompanied by psychic readings throughout the night. The brave of heart may also join in an additional paranormal investigation at midnight held in the home’s original wine cellar.

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