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• Discover the historical ambiance of The Seelbach Hilton Louisville. Built in 1905, it’s considered a landmark to “the Golden Era” and it helped inspire author F. Scott Fitzgerald to write the wedding scene in The Great Gatsby.

• Step into the Oakroom, opened in 1907, which was a favorite hideout of Al Capone. Hold a small meeting or dinner in the space where he would play cards. His favorite room has two hidden doors located behind special panels that led to secret passageways. It still displays the large mirror Capone sent from Chicago so that he could watch his back.

• Gaze upon The Rathskeller, the only room in existence made of Rookwood Pottery. The medieval architecture of the venue has a red-tinted, terracotta ceiling, with columns ringed by Rookwood-Pottery pelicans—a sign of good luck. Tile designs on the Rathskeller’s walls depict walled cities in the Rhenish region of Germany, where the Seelbach’s founders, Otto and Louis Seelbach, were born.

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