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• Discover the amazing history of The Wort Hotel. This stunning historic hotel was originally founded in 1893 when Charles Wort purchased four lots in downtown Jackson, Wyoming. These plots of land eventually became the site of The Wort Hotel, which his sons, John and Jess, built in 1941.

• Admire the beautiful red rock sandstone of the hotel’s exterior. The Wort brothers mined the sandstone themselves from the nearby Gros Ventre quarry. John and Jess Wort were said to have worked harder than anyone on the construction of The Wort Hotel.

• See the original blackjack table on display today as part of the effort to collect and present the hotel’s colorful past. Gambling was was tolerated throughout the 1940s and early 1950s, and helped the Wort brothers pay off the hotel in two short years. When pressure mounted to eliminate gambling, the hotel casino moved from the upstairs Silver Dollar Bar down to the basement, to a room called “The Snakepit,” where one would have to know the password to enter.

• Marvel at the contemporary and traditional Western American Art on display at The Wort Hotel. Valued at over $1.2 million, each piece of art was carefully chosen by Wort owner Bill Baxter and represents his passion and style for art. Among the art that guests can view are key pieces by Gerry Metz, John Clymer and Joe Velazquez that convey historical depictions of the Western frontier and Native American tribes.
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